Cheap Melamine Board Selection 16 Points

- Apr 10, 2019-

How to select meamine board ?

 1. One point is one point thick and hard, and the thinner the sheet, the more deformed.


    2, The quality of the cheap melamine board is good, the substrate is very important. The willow cheap melamine boards are hard and the density of poplars is a bit loose.

Board expert experience summary: cheap melamine board selection 16 points

 3, The surface should be smooth, the texture color difference is natural. One dragon and nine sons are different, and the natural color difference is the nature.

 4, Wood cheap melamine board substrate to see the core, hollow bark annoying people. If you want to use materials, you have to make a commitment to quality.

 5, Buy a layer of leather, this is wrong. The same variety is the same skin, and each household is the same.

 6, The sheet is not only good-looking, the internal quality is the key. Process equipment and management, the big factory small factory is tens of millions. These are hard to certify, and choosing a brand is a shortcut.

 7, To buy authentic goods, the brand to find a monopoly. The phoenix can't fly out of the hen, and the grocery store can't tell the truth.

 8, The decoration is not afraid of annoying, afraid of formaldehyde. See aldehydes don't be afraid, data to speak. EO is the most environmentally friendly, and E1 is also very good. If you use the E2 level, don't forget to do it.

Board expert experience summary

 9, Home improvement should be environmentally friendly, the melamine panels should be selected. The series is guaranteed, and one standard is not used.

 10, Decoration should be personalized, designed to ensure. I don’t want to buy the effect first, and I am not satisfied with it.

 11, Decoration should have a taste, new plates to match. The hall is brightly lit and the neighbors are left.

 12, It is very difficult to make money now, don't spend money. One shop asks for three times, and the rebate is clear. Good value for money, I am assured of the price.

 13, The variety of melamine plywood varieties, one point for the price of goods. With only a short period of time, the decoration will become permanent.

 14, Seven points plate three-point use, work hard to see woodworking. Don't forget to read the instructions before use, the quality problem of melamine mdfcan be clearly distinguished.

 15. Quality problems are in case. Keeping the certificate is the key. Commitment cards and shipping orders, a lot of them are all.

 16, The details determine success or failure, service security.

 Article Summary: About Board expert experience summary: cheap melamine board selection 16 points introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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