Some Basic Principles of Plywood

- Jan 05, 2019-

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What Is Plywood? structure of plywood introduction

   To improve the anisotropy of natural wood and make the plywood uniform and stable in shape. Two basic principles should be observed in the structure of plywood: one is symmetry. The other is that the adjacent veneer fibers are perpendicular to each other.

   The principle of symmetry requires plywood to be symmetrical on both sides of the symmetrical central plane. Regardless of wood properties, veneer thickness, number of layers, fiber orientation, moisture content, etc. 

   In the same plywood, single species and thickness of veneer can be used, or different species and thickness of veneer can be used. But symmetrical central plane on both sides of any two layers of symmetrical veneer species and thickness are the same. The back and face of the tree are not allowed to be the same species.

structure of plywood


To make the plywood structure conform to the above two basic principles at the same time, the number of plywood layers should be odd. So plywood is usually made into three layers, five layers, seven layers and other odd number of layers. The name of each plywood layer is: the surface veneer is called the surface board, and the inner veneer is called the core board.

The front veneer is called the panel, and the back veneer is called the backboard; in the core board, the fibre direction parallel to the surface board is called the long core board or the middle board. When forming the slab of the cavity platform, the panel and the back plate must face out .