Advantages Of Melamine Board

- Dec 09, 2018-


The advantages of this kind of sheet are: flat surface, the same

 coefficient of expansion on both sides of the sheet is not easy to

 deform, bright color, wear-resistant surface, corrosion resistance, and economic price.

Advantages Of Melamine Board

Difference of melamine board

        Considering the cost, the family-oriented melamine

 board furniture in the market based on medium fiberboard and particleboard.

Melamine boards based on blockboard (solid wood core) used for higher grade wood. In contrast, the performance of blockboard (solid wood core) is better than that of the former two. Blockboard has uniform

 internal structure, large bonding force, small deformation, good

 surface smoothness and strong nail holding force. Thus, the

 melamine board with Blockboard as the base material is stronger and

 durable, and it can play a better role in resisting assembly of panel furniture. Medium density board and particleboard have loose

 texture, poor nail holding force and lower cost than the former.

        There are melamine veneer press sheet different, can make the effect of the board surface, divided into smooth surface, hemp surface (rough hemp, fine hemp and flax), relief surface (large relief and small relief). The hemp and relief surfaces are 2-3 yuan more expensive than the smooth ones, but they are generally used as cabinet doors, and the cabinets are usually smooth.