2019 Melamine Mdf Sheets Top Ten Famous Brands. What Are The Characteristics Of The Melamine Mdf Sheets?

- Mar 22, 2019-

 The eco-board is also called lacquer-free board and melamine board. This kind of board  made of impregnated paper-coated wood-based panel. It has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof. It is also easy to install and the color can matched at will. So, what are the specific characteristics of the melamine mdf sheets? What are the top ten brands of the 2019 melamine mdf sheets? Below, let's take a look at it.

2019 melamine mdf sheets top ten famous brands

2019 Melamine Mdf Sheets Top Ten Famous Brands


YUESHAN: Founded in 1993, it is a company for plywood industry provider



 2. YISHANG: Specializing in R&D manufacturing such as:

plates, floors, wooden doors and wardrobes.


 3. Moganshan: It started in 1995, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province


 4. Fuqing: Jiangsu famous brand,  production and research of friendly decorative materials.


 5. Fuxiang: A large-scale enterprise group integrating scientific research, production, marketing and service.


 6. Qianshan: Established in 1998, the professional furniture board manufacturer


 7. Penghong: Founded in 1997, Liaoning Province is famous for its 

 blockboards, wood-based panels and ecological panels.


 8. Wanhua: a large global supplier of zero-formaldehyde straw

a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research

and development and production of zero-formaldehyde ecological straw boards and ecological adhesives.


 9. Fuhan Wood Industry: Established in 1991,

the drafting board industry standard drafting unit integrates imported wood


 10. Dawang coconut sheet: a large domestic wood board manufacturer

a leader in home decoration materials industry.

What are the characteristics of the melamine mdf sheets?


What Are The Characteristics Of The Melamine Mdf Sheets?


Environmental protection:

The board contains formaldehyde,

 the main source of glue,

so what glue and amount of use affect the level of life. the amount of formaldehyde released reduced and it is more friendly.




 2. Excellent physical and chemical properties:

After the physical and chemical properties are excellent, it  has the characteristics of :

dirt resistance,

corrosion resistance,

flame retardancy, etc.,

and changes the original natural wood anisotropy and is more stable.


 3. Convenient construction:

buy blockboard,

decorative veneer,


and other accessories during construction,

then carry out painting process according to the veneer, and finally wait for 72 hours to form.


 Article Summary: About 2019 melamine mdf sheets top ten famous brands. What are the characteristics of the melamine mdf sheets? introduced here, help everyone.

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