White Laminated Melamine Shelves

be able provide more laminate shelves cut to size to customers, Yueshan use advanced technology to produces melamine shelving boards in recently years.
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laminate shelves cut to size  process 

 custom shelves board choose

      Solid wood features distinctive growth rings that run. all the way through the  shelf board. and are visible on the cut end. Due to its higher cost (compared with other shelving materials). solid wood isn't the best  custom shelves board  choice. if the  wall mounted shelving will painted. It's a good idea to use solid wood only for  melamine shelf that will finished with stain. and placed in a room  shelving section  where looks and quality count.

      A second  melamine shelves option is plywood. The end of a plywood board will exhibit several bands of wood. it's created for strength and can actually support more weight than solid wood. (It's also sold in wider widths, like the 4' x 8' sheets often used for shelving projects.) the other size have  10 24,14 24, 14 36  or  10 36. The disadvantage to using plywood is appearance. It's not attractive and usually requires two to three coats of paint to cover. its many imperfections. Plywood  floating shelf are better. used in a "low-visibility" area like the garage or basement. Plywood sheets finished with a thin veneer of oak, mahogany or maple can also found. Like standard plywood, the end of the board will reveal many bands of wood. but the surface features an attractive grain pattern.

      As laminate shelves cut to size with solid wood, but, the issue is expense: if you're planning to paint the shelves. it's better to use a more cheap material. Particleboard, yet another shelving option, has become more appealing in recent years. since it's now manufactured to have a smooth, even surface (free of large chunks). And, like plywood, it's available in large 4' x 8' sheets that are ideal for shelving. The drawback here? Particleboard won't have an attractive, finished appearance unless it's painted. 

      the  melamine shelving color widely use is  white melamine  shelf.   maple melamine shelf,   grey melamine shelf bracket,   one edge  melamine shelf,  walnut melamine, 

      Laminate, but, is a low-cost option that doesn't need the hassle of painting. Laminate is actually finished particleboard that boasts a smooth white surface. It's sold in the shelving section of most home-improvement centers. (along with solid wood, plywood, etc.), and it's cheap.

laminate shelves cut to size Tips

      When using laminate for shelving, the first priority will be to cut the material . A common problem with cutting laminate is a rough, chipped edge. which is usually caused by a dull saw blade or the use of a saber saw. Using a sharp, carbide-tipped blade (on a table saw) is the best bet for a smooth edge. And the more teeth, the better: the blade used here has 64 teeth, and some fine-toothed blades have as many as 100. To make the cut, position the board in place on the surface and run it through the blade. The Laminate  wood shelf cut result will be a clean, even cut without even the slightest jag along the edge.

Finish the Cut Edge with Laminate Tape

       Finish the Cut Edge with Laminate Tape, Now all that's left is laminate shelves cut to size finishing off the cut edge. When purchasing laminate shelving. look for matching laminate tape in the same section of the home-improvement center. This tape preglued and easy to apply: place the cut length of laminate in a vise to hold it steady. roll out a length of the tape along the edge of the board and cut off the tape at the ends, leaving an inch. or two extra on each side. After making sure the tape is even along the edges, use an iron heated to the highest setting to activate the glue. and bond the tape to the surface (Image 1).

       Although the tape needs to held at certain points while working. be sure to keep your fingers far from the edges of the iron and use only the tip to press the tape in place. To avoid scorching the tape, be sure to move the iron back and forth; don't allow it to rest at any one point. Once the entire length of the tape ironed. use a small roller (Image 2) to help the softened glue adhere to the surface beneath.

Finish the Cut Edge with Wood

      For those who prefer a more finished. recently viewed custom look, a small strip of econoco melamine wood can used instead of laminate tape. cut the right length (on a table saw), then apply a bead of glue along the edge of the laminate board.

      press the wood strip in place, Finish the Cut Edge with Wood, making sure the edges are even. Then use a few small pieces of masking tape to hold the strip in place while the glue dries

 melamine shelving  supplier- Yueshan

      To be able to provide more needs of  customer service. melamine shelving  supplier Yueshan uses advanced technology to. create new melamine laminate Laminate shelving boards in recent years. Combining melamine board surface with many melamine paper colors. like white, light gray, dark gray to all wood colors. such as Oak, Ash, Maple-Beech, Acacia, Teak Walnut, Camphor. Cherry, Red, yellow, Red, Antique,  shelving white. All looks like real wood and the price is reasonable. many customer  write review to us said Find yueshan is the  perfect solution. all the  product information is good. the  shelving systems is good 

       Most of the customer would like to use white melamine laminate shelving boards. used for the kitchen cabinet, furniture. and wardrobe. Especially this kind of plywood made of water-resistant core. is not warped, lying color or cracking. not like as other low quality industrial wood. which is the top quality furniture we produce for our customer.

       Yueshan focus on wood surface finished and wood panels up to tens of years, and even more than 20years. So we are confident offering the top quality melamine board. and best service for the customer. We provide sample  free delivery and  free shipping.  please enter our website find out  currently unavailable other  product detail. like  closet shelf,  custom closet.

All our plywood shipments filled with plywood or cardboard sheet. In the plywood or cardboard is a layer of plastic film. which can protect the plywood from humid in the containers.

laminate shelves cut to size


white melamine shelves

shelving melamine board selection

Solid wood plugboard: 

      solid wood splice the board in the case of without considering cost belongs to better shelving melamine board.  there is more common oak plugboard, northeast China ash plugboard. and elm plugboard and so on six of seven kinds of plank, in environmental protection point of view. only requires plug board splicing place with a bit of glue. carpentry board density board than glue compared with the least. so it is the most environmentally friendly.


      this kind of board made of broken materials. such as tree branches and wood chips. with large amounts of glue and low cost. But the intensity is not big, contain formaldehyde amount tall, do not use this kind of plank. as possible when chest.

MDF board: 

      density board is lumber, after the bubble. such as the branch is in water for a period of time, break press and become, it is with wood fiber. or other plant add glue to be close for raw material. and become, press density to differ, cent is tall, medium, low a few kinds. This kind of strength is big, resistant to impact, easy to process, so it is also widely used.

Firber board: 

      glulam is an emerging solid wood material. which made of large-diameter logs and processed into interlocking splicing boards like fingers. Glulam can colored and painted, which saves a process compared with the joinery board.

Melamine panel: 

      it is all solid wood ecological paint-free board. with good stability, strong anti-deformation ability. and nail grip ability. The main environmental protection level is very high, reaching the European E0 standard. and the formaldehyde emission amount is less than 0.5.

Fire resistant board: 

       it is to use silicon qualitative material. or calcareous material to be main raw material. mix with the fiber material of certain scale, lightweight add. adhesive and chemical additive. the adornment board that via autoclaved pressure technology makes, ply is 0.6 -- 1.2mm commonly. Fire resistant board compares effect economy, and intensity is tall, fireproof, moisture proof. Fire prevention board used at Ambry, show ark to wait.

      The pallet used in this package constructed of our own plywood. It is strong and of you don't worried about the product could be damage.

laminate shelves cut to size


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