White Laminate Faced Plywood

White laminate faced plywood is bond with a smooth white melamine finished paper. In common, we need to use edge machined to created the products we need, such as furniture, exhibition stands and shop fitting, wardrobe, etc.
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white laminate plywood


      White melamine decorative panel. made of birch plywood with improved face and core veneer. Both sides of the plywood panel coated with uniform, white melamine film. 

      white laminate plywood panelling is the ideal material for the furniture, joinery. and interior industries. Its features provide high visual quality with smooth. and superior surfaces that are ready for use.

      Our Birch Ply Panels use BB/BB face Grade FSC® certified Birch Plywood. producing a panel that is strong and robust with excellent screw retention properities. Additionally because of the pleasing aesthetic of this particular wood the edges. can left visible on assembly and installation. then waxed, lacquered or painted.

      Where weight is not a concern this material. makes an excellent furniture board for vehicle fit outs. The impact resistance and durability is ideal for commercial vehicles.

plywood with white laminate  Applications 

- Birch plywood oak white boards waterproof laminate used for. the backboard of decorative panels. backboard of colour oak board furniture and other wood products.

- ecological board has applied to interior applications decoration. like cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet. and other categories - can used for partition panel, ceiling, door core panel.  interior decoration and furniture.

- plywood with white laminate can also used for decorative panels like plane, ships, trains, automobiles, construction. and packaging oak laminate boards and boxes decorative surface.

white laminate plywood

birch laminate plywood process


      White laminate faced plywood laminated sheets. is bond with a smooth white decorative laminate finished paper. In common, we need to use edge machined to create the products we need. such as furniture, exhibition stands, and shop fitting, wardrobe, etc. The following. is the methods of edge machined for white laminate white oak faced plywood.


      The edges of birch laminate plywood laminate flooring. can machined in many various ways. Machining performed and on our edge machining lines or . Panels supplied with edge machining are a simple and quick way to protect. for example large wall structure and floor areas. For specific uses. standard edge machining profiles (standard T&G with or without bevel. ships plywood T&G, half lap, loose tongue) can purchased in different profile types.


      Also to standard edge machining. we can produce countless individual edge profiles home decor based on drawings. or instructions received from customers


      Gloss laminate faced plywood white flooring decor furniture. in thicknesses 3–25 mm can be edge machined. If required, certain machined edges laminated floor may also sealed against moisture. After that, the panels will be ready to installed. The most common end uses for white laminate solid wood faced plywood with edge machining. are construction such as wood. flooring, wall lining, flooring, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, ceiling fans etc.

 film faced  birch ply  Suppliers-Yueshan 

-Yueshan engineered wood explained the White Laminate Faced Plywood so . I'm satisfied with everything.

- Decorative plywood dark white panels delivery wood floor is punctual. They have given us excellent service and I have recommended them to my friends

- film faced  birch ply  Suppliers yueshan. Excellent at all stages of the job. In the initial engineered flooring consultation, he was very helpful. proposed the solution to the problem, and adjusted a standard idea according to my needs. without any objection. After we confirmed the oak light plywood details, the materials were ready within 10 days. He and his partner are very punctual and generally do well. It looks great and very professional

plywood with white laminate

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