Plywood With Melamine Surface

Plywood with melamine surface prevents it from moisture penetrating, has high level resistance to abrasion, chemicals and fungus formation.
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Plywood With Melamine Surface Manufacture Of Furniture


Our YueShan plywood with melamine surface is exterior Hardboard plywood. overlaid with Melamine resin paper on one or both sides. Plywood with Melamine laminate surface prevents it from moisture penetrating. has high level resistance to abrasion, chemicals and fungus formation. And the edges of plywood with melamine surface varnished with water-resistant acrylamide-based paint.


Specification Of Melamine Panels:


There are six kinds of plywood board sizes, which are 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm . Also known as plywood, plywood sheets are like fine wood manufacturing methods and materials. The structural strength and stability of melamine board plywood are very good. used for the back board of board type furniture, decorative panel bottom plate and other wood products.


Plywood With Melamine Faced  Parameters


Wood species: Eucalyptus


Thickness: 3mm to 25mm


Size: 2440 x 1220 mm ( as request of customer)


Formaldehyde emission: E0, E1,E2,MR, WBP


Moisture content: Largest 10 %


Density:  About 650 kg/m³


The Customer Evaluation Of Wood Grain Melamine Panels


NOVEMBER 1, 2018


Victoria Currie


Beautiful, top quality work. Yueshan and his team worked very hard for us to create floating plywood shelves and cupboards in our lounge. Yueshan spent time with us beforehand so he knew what we wanted and we knew exactly what he was going to create. He was great to deal with prompt contact and is very flexible with his time. The work they have done is superb, very high quality plywood sheets and a stunning finish and incredible attention to detail. They thought of everything, were a pleasure to have in our house for the day and we would definitely use again. Thanks Yueshan!


Jan 18, 2019


Chris Ayscough


recommended. Yueshan and his team worked hard to level existing floors, install engineered wood plywood panel flooring and 7 doors. All the guys treated our house with the utmost respect and we were very happy with the result.


April 17, 20159


Ian Shaw


friendly guy who : listens , thinks , plans and then triple checks that you are happy . Everything built off site so zero hassle . Very skilled and creative always looking to go beyond what you would expect . I have an old warehouse apartment and what Yueshan melamine faced board designed and built was in keeping . Ian



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