Plastic Laminated Plywood Sheets

The Plastic Laminated Plywood Sheets is a special decorative product, specifically developed for place with high humidity, where used as an alternative to melamine.
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plastic laminated plywood sheets vs HPL

What are plastic laminates? 

    plastic laminated plywood sheets  are a special decorative product. developed for a place with high humidity. used as an alternative to  pressure plastic  melamine laminated plywood sheets. The base panel is a very good quality full eucalyptus plywood. which can withstand the high pressure and temperature of the melamine press. The plastic laminated plywood sheets are always. apply for the kitchen countertop, dining table. The cheap  wide range  furniture laminate sheet product. is high quality decorative  countertop panel well-liked by carpenters and joinery.

    White High pressure  plastic laminates cabinet liner comprised of top-quality materials. with excellent technical properties. High Pressure Laminates designed for both horizontal and vertical applications where appearance, durability. and stain resistance required. They consist of cellulose selected papers. impregnated with melamine resin and bonded under heat and high pressure. Cabinet Liner designed to provide attractive lining. and facing surfacing for cabinetry interiors such as shelves. drawers and cabinet doors and walls. They intended for application to the. unexposed backs of pieces faced with High Pressure Decorative Laminate. and not for use as a structural material or to fastened. They provide the fabricated piece with balance. and protection from the effects of humidity in their normal use.

What is HPL plywood? 

    High pressure laminate ( HPL plywood ) is a kind of original plastic laminate. It considered one of the most durable decorative surface materials. and has special properties, including chemical, fire and abrasion resistance.

laminated plywood sheets Description

-Thickness = 6mm-50mm - (composites up to 100mm)

-Standard panel sizes = 2440 / 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm

-Max size = 3660x1830mm (subject to availability of core and laminate chosen)

-Wide range of colours & decors

-Hard-wearing surface

-Plastic Laminated Plywood Wide variety of core materials available

-Also available Description fire retardant to EN 13501 Class B

    These products produced from a core material that faced on one or both faces. with a hard-wearing HPL (high-pressure laminate).All forms of plywood. or other core can supplied. e.g. MR MDF faced with a high pressure laminate bonded to both sides or one only with a balancer to the reverse.

plastic laminated plywood Advantages

-  laminated plastic plywood available many colors and textures. it made of layers of kraft paper drenched in liquid plastic resin. and put into a drying chamber.

- created  wood thickness  laminates are plastic. and used for bending or moving applications

- potential to deal with moisture, chemicals, hot temperature and exterior forces

- HPL White Cabinet liner used for covering the internal surfaces of furniture. as well as cabinets, displays, fixtures, shelving. and partitions

- Cheap and ready to use, no further finishing required

-plastic laminated plywood Lays flat, is stable, high strength, lightweight

-Easy to clean white laminate

-Edge banded two side

melamine board vs plastic laminate plywood

Melamine resin panel

    Melamine considered, and known as. a right away or low stress laminate (LPL) because it's miles manufactured. with a stress of three hundred-500 kilos-in step with-rectangular-inch. Melamine resin panel Layers of paper aresaturated with a melamine resin. until they're transformed right into a solid, plastic surface thru thermal fusion. The melamine sheets molded as one of the layers of plastic laminate. which is then bonded with particleboard. or to every other backing material to create a long lasting plastic sheet. that is what's used to present products such as Formica an attractive floor.

    Available in a wide selection of textures and natural wooden grains. melamine panels are a price-powerful multipurpose alternative for including coloration. and finishes to designs and initiatives. sold already attached to the particleboard. melamine is long lasting, scratch and shatter resistant, and water resistant. Granted, whilst the fabric itself is water resistant. if water gets into the particle board below, it is able to reason the melamine to warp. Additionally, despite the fact that melamine is very strong. if it’s no longer established, the particle board can bear harm and purpose the melamine to chip. Because it has voids on the ends, melamine would must an side-banding to cover the vicinity. Tasks constructed with melamine have as much as a five-12 months lifespan.

plastic plywood sheets

    plastic laminate plywood, which also comes in a ramification of colours and textures. made from more than one layers of kraft paper soaked in plastic resin. and placed into drying chambers. The material is a high pressure laminate (HPL). synthetic beneath 1,four hundred pounds of stress in keeping with-rectangular-inch. more than 3 times over melamine sheets. Plastic laminate comes in 3 grades: fashionable reason, vertical surfacing and post forming. and is .now not connected to wood.

    Well known cause plastic plywood sheets is most usually used for countertops. Vertical grade laminate is generally used for cabinets. or different surfaces that don’t sustain direct put on and tear. and post forming laminate is malleable, used for curved or rolled applications. While plastic laminate expenses a bit extra than melamine. it is more immune to moisture, chemicals, heat and force. Operating with plastic laminate. takes a truthful bit of ability and extra specialized equipment. than constructing with melamine.

plastic laminated plywood sheets

best plywood manufacturer contact supplier - Yueshan 

    Yueshan is a manufacturer of laminated plywood sheets. with many years experience in the wood panel market. The aim of Yueshan is offer the highest quality. and cheap laminated plywood sheets cost . and service for the customer. and every product provided with quality certificate laminated plywood price and producer's guarantee. We would like to give you the best service of delivery and products at the smallest laminated plywood sheets cost.

   Building new quality on laminated plywood market. We value our customers. and meeting their requirements about the quality of our products and services vision. We combine passion. and experience, aspiring to. become a China leading company on the melamine board market. yueshan can offer you plastic plywood price

plastic plywood sheets


plastic sheet. vertical grade. faced plywood. marine plywood. also available. . cutting service. quality wood. . marine grade. grade plywood. 48 96. fire retardant. film faced. phenolic resin. poplar plywood. multiple layers. often used. plywood products. customers also. 

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