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The superior fit, finish, strength and flatness of white melamine laminated plywood board make it becomes the first choice for top quality furniture projects only.
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 What are different types of plywood? 

Plywood classification method is very many. according to China's national standards (GB 9846.1-88) there are the following provisions.

According to the structure of the board:

 (1) plywood. Refers to a group of  birch plywood veneer usually according to the direction of. adjacent layers of wood grain vertical group of blank glued together. usually its surface  baltic birch plywood and inner plate on the central layer. or two sides of the  sanded plywood core. 

(2)   sanded plywood .  building materials Plywood with a core. 

(3) composite plywood. The core (or some layers) must consist of materials other than solid wood or veneer. and the core must have at least two layers of veneer vertically aligned with each other on either side.

According to adhesive performance points: (1) outdoor  grade plywood . It is resistant to climate, water and high humidity. (2) indoor  grade plywood . Does not have long - term immersion or high humidity adhesive properties.

According to the surface processing points: 1. The  hardwood plywood surface sanded by sanding machine. (2) scratch plywood. The surface isscraped by the scraper. (3) veneer plywood. Decorative veneer, wood paper, impregnated paper, plastic, resin film or sheet metal. (4) prefacing plywood. The manufacturer has made a special surface treatment that does not need to modified for use.

According to the treatment of points: 1. (2) processed plywood. Including those treated with chemicals during or after  right plywood  manufacture.

By shape: (1)  grade plywood plywood. (2) molding plywood. After one or more bending treatment.

According to use: (1) ordinary plywood. Plywood suitable for a wide range of USES. (2) special plywood.  groove plywood that can used for special purposes.

board plywood wood products

- you can use it for furniture, for example, wardrobe, cabinet, sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet and so forth.

- it is also employed for building formwork, for example, obvious water formwork

-It may also used in hotel decoration projects, for instance. many decoration companies use lots of multi-layer board

-It is also employed for interior decoration, etc.

midwest products oak plywood board for bed

Custom-made  birch plywood beds aren't for every person. But if you are a available DIY. or happen to recognize an awesome wood worker, they'll be an awesome preference for a kid's room. Custom beds can help you make the largest of the distance you have got. They allow you to keep  forest products  in storage. They're perfect for sharing rooms. The blessings are countless. and  home improvement  even as they must greater attempt. than buying a mattress  building materials  at the shop. they may be well worth it.

In case you plan to spend quite a few time at domestic, a custom bed is well worth considering. Using  smooth surface  plywood can not handiest lessen the price. but also the herbal wood seems stunning. If you like a bit colour, you can select to color wooden, together with the room shown above, or you can do it . Both way, you will end up with a bit of furnishings that fits your room and area.


baltic birch plywood board flooring

Multilayer plywood board floors pay attention to the adhesion of floor paint film. and the surface put on resistance. along with the surface paint film of plywood. But, there is a connection among the two, among which high-quality. and second-elegance merchandise used for advanced architectural decoration. . Many client mix stable timber ground board is plywood by means of coincidence. 2nd elegance, press symmetrical precept glue and turn out to be plank. exterior quality, gb does now not do a demand. 

Besides for plywood. Those differences also cause the manufacturing prices of the 2 are not the identical.. its cloth. and processing precision necessities of high, high furnishings. its need to meet the requirements of plywood 2d elegance above. Plywood  lumber composites  is generally divided into 4 grades. The connection lies in that the center layer of  quality plywood  floors. especially used for flooring. which has low requirements on material processing accuracy. The difference depends on plywood to. make  groove plywood  wood to compound a floor one in all in severa raw materials. the rate is low also, musical device and electric equipment shell wait.  hardwood plywood  timber to. compound a floor finished product to be in technique precision. seal wait for a craft.  marine plywood  wood floor nonetheless desires to pass unique paint besmear face plate 


Underneath ordinary occasions. Backboard, and so on. Third-grade and 1/3-grade overseas products are commonly used for low-grade architectural ornament.  plywood, along with first-rate and packaging substances. The principle reason is that they may be much greater comparable in shape. and greater strict in floor remedy than plywood

plywood board for mattress

 sanded plywood Bunk beds are a fun concept for kids, but we love this one made through their dad and mom. It is a simple design that does not take in a lot space and we like the look of it. Bunk beds every now and then appearance bulky, but here using plywood. and a single bed on the ground as a second mattress makes this one incorporated. with the room with out occupying it.

 marine plywood Bunk beds are not usually for 2 people. A unmarried excessive  groove plywood  bed is best for making the largest of floor area. within the room above. Besides the mattress, there is greater love in this room. We loved how the parents used plywood to create a at ease studying corner. and a convenient dividing line -- on the other facet become the brother's room. So the room divided in order that each baby has his or her own space.

 hardwood plywood Making single beds out of plywood was another concept. which was particularly attractive. because they have been simpler to make than bunk beds. The design  building supplies you can select can be anything. but right here are  baby beds, designed to be easy and lovely. One is a plywood container on wheels, which may be very realistic and may moved from room to room as a spare bed. The other is a container with a bed on a platform. If you want  quality plywood. you may turn the box section right into a storage area for toys or books.


2- melamine laminated board product

 engineered wood  Melamine Plywood board Advantages

-The superior fit, finish, high strength, strong bearing capacity. and flatness of white melamine laminated plywood board make it . becomes the first choice for top quality furniture projects only.

-In common, the laminated plywood board has. white decorative melamine paper on both sides of the board.

-It has melamine plywood finished which is matte. high glossy and Titanium white to supply customers choose. it is perfect plywood paneling sheet material. for top quality carpentry applications in bedrooms. kitchens and even bathrooms. Because the edges must sealed in any moisture environment.

-White melamine laminated plywood board has moisture resistant properties. And the edge is easy to deal with and sand off. Yueshan as the largest manufacturer of plywood, wholesale high quality melamine plywood sheets. We welcome your inquiry about this kind of decorative plywood product. And we also have lots of sizes and colors to provide for you choose. and we can offer you the best melamine plywood price

 hardwood plywood  forest products selection

The cost of melamine plywood board depends upon the raw sheet material that utilizes . (for instance board core like birch core melamine plywood. facing paper, adhesive, glue board). also provide huge anxiety about the veneer technology that utilizes. choice multilayer board sees its chemicals to produce the amount and glued strength. When the plywood connecting strength isn't good, simple to break. Focus on if the nominal thickness from the multilayer is in conjunction. with the actual thickness. Among the largest Melamine interiors sheet manufacturers in China. Yueshan can present you with high-quality, plywood price

2- white laminated plywood board product

best price on plywood

Building furniture and cabinets is an investment of both time and money. So when you’re buying plywood for these projects, shop . Your choices will have a huge impact on the building process and the results. 

When choosing the right plywood for your project. you’ll find plenty of options at Builder’s Discount Center. No matter the job, our different grades of plywood will cover your needs. It’s important to use the proper materials to ensure the safety and quality of your work.

Shop Grade Plywood, the most cheap grade, is going to priced much lower than any other grade of plywood. If saving money’s a top priority, you’ll find our shop plywood the choice for you.

Rated Sheathing is a quality middle-grade plywood material. available in a variety of thicknesses, well suited for flooring. or about any other plywood need.

BC Plywood is a top quality product with a smooth surface. The BC means there’s one B-grade side sanded and smooth, backed by a C-grade side. BC Plywood is ideal for jobs that need a finished sanded product.

Treated Plywood has  treated to hold up to harsh outdoor climates. With Treated Plywood, your outdoor project won’t harmed by its environment.

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