Melamine Faced Plywood Sheets

Yueshan was founded in 1999, and the factory located in Foshan City, one of the largest manufacturer of melamine faced laminate plywood sheets in China.
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Product Name:Melamine Faced Laminate Plywood Sheets

melamine faced plywood suppliers-where to buy laminated plywood ?

Yueshan founded in 1999. and the  melamine paper  white melamine  factory located in Foshan City. one of the largest  melamine laminate  cnc machining manufacturer of melamine. faced  melamine decorative  laminate plywood sheets in China. With the development of Yueshan  plywood panel. we focus on the  faced birch  plywood research. and develop melamine faced laminate plywood. 

With advanced  wide range  cnc machined.  hardwearing melamine   production lines, and professional service team. Yueshan specialize in  decorative birch  mr melamine  production of different  smooth white thickness. and  white acrylic  surfaces panel. such as Grade E0, E1, E2 melamine faced medium density board. melamine particle board,  melamine coating moisture proof  plywood panelling. melamine impregnated  fireproof boards, UV board,  interior industries etc.

 white  melamine faced plywood Advantage

1.  birch plywood is more ideal for high-rise building and  melamine decorative  furniture projects.

2.  plywood panelling could used for many times. if used reasonable and stocked  provide   high visual  quality, which can save the cost .

3. Melamine faced laminate plywood sheets can shaped  ideal material . and cut with little with experience & most basic tools.

4.  decorative birch  plywood panel. Probably the most beneficent of plywood is it’s reaction to moisture.

melamine faced plywood

What is melamine plywood? 

Melamine  plywood panel , also known as ecological board, known as melamine board. the total call is melamine impregnated paper veneer synthetic board. Is may have one of a kind  melamine board colors or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak. and then dry to a positive diploma of curing. its save mounted in particleboard, moisture-evidence board, MDF or difficult fiberboard surface. after hot strain into the ornamental board. In the production method, it's also composed of many layers of paper. Melamine multilayer board flatness: smooth and clean, right experience and light. Agency  plywood panelling board substrate equipment advanced. in order that the plywood board advanced veneer. No fault, overcome the open layer, foaming, choppy phenomenon.

 black laminated plywood  features

The internal structure of  plywood panelling  is even. the binding force is greater than particleboard density board. the deformation is small, the surface flatness is good, the nail grip is powerful. Hence, the 3 melamine board. that makes base cloth with multilayer board is less assailable and sturdy. can increase board type fixtures to resist extra the characteristic that move . Particle board texture is free. nail grip force is negative, decrease fee than the former. In comparison with density board melamine melamine moisture resistant nail retaining pressure. persistence performance environmental protection is superior.

 white melamine faced birch plywood Use

Melamine multilayer board is particularly used for the processing and manufacturing of shelves, exhibition cabinets and different sports venues, purchasing malls, accommodations, college restaurants, trains, ships, tables and chairs, also  laminated plywood for cabinets 

melamine faced plywood suppliers


white melamine. birch plywood. melamine paper. shelving systems. melamine film. also available. edge banding. smooth phenolic. phenolic film. 1220 2440. 18mm 1525. easily worked. vehicle doors. wall linings. case studies. improved face. furniture joinery. features provide. superior surfaces. titanium white. black red. teak oak. formaldehyde emission. quality strong. 

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