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Yueshan is a producer of Melamine glue plywood, Melamine medium-density fiberboard, Melamine laminated plywood, Melamine laminated MDF board, Melamine particle board, etc.
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melamine laminated plywood supplier

Yueshan is a producer of  melamine laminate board. Melamine  high pressure medium-density fiberboard, Melamine  plastic laminate  laminated plywood. Melamine laminated MDF board.  melamine resin  particle board These products has a wide range.  good quality. reasonable prices and stylish designs. Among this, Melamine  pressure laminate Plywood is lighter in weight. and have a long life than other board species. So the products utilized in many  laminate used industries including kitchen. bath cabinetry, store fixture,display, home, shelving, institutional furniture,etc.

Yueshan founded in 1999. Since 2000, the company has grown through. its specialize in Melamine plywood products  office furniture in China. Through this specialization and the strong brands we represent. We always focus on customer service and long-term value relationships. In the future, we will commit to best service and top quality products for customer.

What is melamine laminate?

Melamine laminate board additionally referred to as paper ornamental laminate. or plastic paste panel, is a thick paper as the skeleton, impregnated phenolic resin. or melamine formaldehyde thermosetting resin. multi-layer laminated with the aid of hot stress curing. and turn out to be thin veneer fabric. The cost of phenolic resin is decrease than melamine formaldehyde resin. but due to its brownish opaque, now not suitable for use in the floor layer. Melamine formaldehyde resin clean and transparent, accurate put on resistance. used as a floor layer of macerating cloth, so generally as this kind of plate call.

melamine laminate

Is melamine laminate safe?

  laminate used  melamine resin furniture manufacturing. melamine as a kind of additive is  commonly used. not handiest in excessive-grade  laminate  furniture. production of a big quantity of melamine panel. inside the cabinet, the whole wardrobe, timber ground. and other industries also are very not unusual.

At gift the mainstream board kind furnishings. in the marketplace is wood product of melamine decorative panels. this type of plate with particleboard, medium fiber board as the base material. with melamine impregnated paper as ornamental floor. The colour of fixtures surface. easy feel and design grade rely upon the effect that this deposit sticks face paper.

The man or woman of  using melamine is natural white. monoclinal crystal, tasteless, soluble in warm water, soluble in cold water. very soluble in warm ethanol, low toxicity. stable in widespread situations, not unfastened toxicity after curing. "except you consume it. melamine is very secure as an additive in the production of boards and fixtures." at the contrary, including melamine in furniture manufacturing. can lessen the quantity of formaldehyde used and reduce the damage.

Furniture environmental protection. melamine laminate is to look the harmful material together with base cloth formaldehyde. benzene exceeds wellknown. according to national trendy, formaldehyde releases a quantity every stere. can't be greater than 1.5 milligram. the E0 level wellknown that Europe formulates is each stere cannot be more than 0.6 milligram. For this reason, while furnishings of pick and buy. consumer must take note of this form of volatile harmful fabric. in base fabric whether reach wellknown. and not worry about melamine can cause damage to human body.

melamine pressure laminate used substrate board plywood Application

Plywood of different thickness has one of a kind makes use of in decoration engineering:

3mm ply board  commonly used to do door to cover typically. window covers, line that play foot, the timber inclusive of wall board. fixtures does face layer;

5mm ply board splint if the necessities are better. you could use 5 splint instead of three splint as the floor layer;

9mm plywood board is  commonly referred  to do the foot line base. door set reduce, window cowl base, furnishings base.melamine laminate cabinets

Plywood has excessive electricity and proper bending resistance. In a few parts of the structure that need to undergo load, using thin middle plate could have extra strength. But the balance is negative, that is due to its middle cloth consistency difference. This makes the deformation of the skinny core veneer possible to increase. So, thin center board is not appropriate on the location of 1-sided intercourse. watch for cupboard door as an example.

melamine vs laminate  characteristics

Melamine laminate because of using thermosetting plastic, so accurate warmth resistance. after a hundred°C above the temperature does no longer melt, cracking and foaming,. with exact warm, fire resistance. The framework of melamine laminate made. from thick fibrous paper with high mechanical energy. Its tensile energy is up to 90MPa and the surface  put on-resistant. The surface of melamine laminate is clean. and dense, with robust stain resistance, moisture resistance, scrub resistance, acid, alkali, oil. and alcohol solvent erosion, long lasting. Melamine laminate used in wall, column, desk, fixtures, ceiling. and other decorative engineering.

melamine birch plywood


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