Melamine Covered Plywood

Yueshan is among the leading brand in the melamine board industry, offering a array of melamine covered plywood that are designed using quality assured wood and We offer the entire product range in light and dark shades to ensures designer has a lots of choice.
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 melamine covered plywood 

     melamine covered plywood  panel. made of birch plywood with improved face and core veneer. Both sides of the plywood panel  coated with uniform,  wood grain melamine film. This plywood panelling is the ideal material for the furniture, joinery. and interior industries. Its features provide high visual quality with smooth. and superior surfaces that are ready for   commonly used.

     Melamine decorative panels  also known  plastic coated plywood panel.  with improved face and core veneers. Both sides of the plywood panel coated with uniform, coloured melamine films. Melamine plywood panelling is the ideal material for the  plywood furniture, joinery. and interior industries. Its features provide high visual quality with  melamine resin durable plastic sheet smooth . and superior surfaces that are ready for use.

covered plywood  specification

covered plywood melamine surfacemaple melamine.   black melamine.  grey melamine. almond melamine.    white melamine.   walnut melamine.   natural wood  melamine sheets.  adjacent layers  melamine panel.
wood products Thickness 6mm-50mm  larger - (composite cloth as much as 100mm)
Preferred panel length  2440 / 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm
Largest size 3660x1830mm (relying on the availability of the selected middle and laminate)
Put on resistant surface:  black red  or other

main content  formaldehyde emission: 

E1, E0
Flame retardants in keeping with EN 13501 elegance B are also available

Those  phenolic resin  softwood plywood products. made from a core cloth with a wear  water resistant. HPL (high pressure laminate) on one or each facets.

All types of plywood or other center materials may furnished. which include a high strain laminate on both sides of the MR MDF. or a laminate with a balancer most effective on the lower back.

Those panels are available in preferred industrial panel sizes as much. as the largest available length of the trim (eg 2440x1220mm, 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm. and so forth.) and may be reduce and machined to your precise requirements.

melamine faced plywood Features 

melamine faced plywood Fine finished, Cost effective, Smooth edges.  Excellent and lasting mechanical properties, ready-to-use topcoat, Easy to clean

-high class, strong & durable

-decorative panels overlaid with hard-wearing, durable melamine film

-original multiplex edge optics, light coloured or dark coloured versions available

-smooth, semi-gloss surfaces, maintenance free

-hygienic and easy to clean

-taint and odour free panel

types of plywood - moisture resistant plywood grade

-1 types of plywood is resistant against climate and boiling water. marine plywood,  one another moisture content plywood 

-The 2nd kind of moisture resistant plywood grade is water-resistant plywood that may impregnated in cold water. and warm water for a short while.

-3 kinds of plywood are moisture resistant plywood. could drenched in cold water for a short while, appropriate for 70 degrees use. Employed for furniture and general construction.

-4 types of  melamine board  plywood aren't  shatter resistant against moisture plywood.  laminate hpl.  may used in indoor normal condition. the plywood of general use material to have, basswood, ash willow, birch, elm. common to hold back.


melamine coated plywood applications 

      Laminate flooring is a hybrid floor product of particleboard wood. That is the first-rate within the world. It has a cutting-edge tongue and groove connection plate style. so it's miles installed in a way that is very like actual hardwood. But, unlike hardwood plywood. which calls for professional installation, laminate floors is very clean to put in onmelamine coated plywood. The pinnacle of the laminate behaves very to vinyl floors. because it is very water-resistant. if it's miles stitched. But the similarities forestall right here. Despite the fact that pressured with vinyl flooring. the laminate isn't always even a vinyl ground in any respect. as it's miles manufactured from distinctive substances.

      Sometimes known as laminated timber floors. laminates are simplest timber in two essential respects. First, the laminate floors fabricated from pressed timber. Second, the pinnacle appears like wood (even though sometimes stone) due to the fact. it is an accurate image this covered in a transparent. put on-resistant layer.

      In a word, cover plywood is for visually demanding applications, joinery products, interior cladding, decorative shelving systems, fittings for kitchens, offices, shops, kindergartens and many more besides, vehicles

melamine covered plywood

 melamine plywood maintenance

 melamine plywood maintenance way is following 

1. The   birch plywood  mortise should placed  acrylic paint to. prevent water damage to the mortise structure.

2. covered plywood Do not expose to the sun to prevent deformation. 3. It should not placed  douglas fir in a damp and unventilated place. or it will damaged by moisture and expansion.

4. Wardrobe and other furniture, cabinet top can not pressure put heavy objects. or easy to make the door frame deformation. 5. Do not wash the furniture made of plywood with water to prevent the plywood from  glued together . Generally, stains can removed with detergent, and serious stains can removed with alcohol.

6. If  plywood panel are cracks in the furniture. apply putty and pigment after mixing embedded. to prevent the extension of cracks, expansion.

7. Put some ash, camphor. or tobacco in the furniture to prevent  coated plywood mice, moths. and cockroaches from entering.

8. covered plywood Do not wash with lye and boiled water to avoid damaging the paint.

9 . laminate covered plywoodfurniture surface. in case of alkali or stains, to wipe with water. and then play on light wax.

10. veneer covered plywoodis best to apply a layer of verite or varnish every few years to keep the color waxy


laminate covered plywood suppliers Yueshan

      laminate covered plywood suppliers Yueshan is among the leading brand. in the  birch plywood panel  melamine board industry. offering an array of  phenolic film  melamine covered laminated  baltic birch plywood. that designed using quality assured wood. and We offer the  outdoor use  entire  film faced  coated plywood  product range in light. and dark shades to ensures the designer has lots of choices as  customer's request . 

     Our entire product range has smooth finishing and is termite resistant propriety. Moreover, our melamine  thin layers.  both side  wood veneer  dark brown  covered plywood are quality approved. Our covered  plywood uses can be  wall panels,  hardwood plywood  concrete formwork.  shuttering plywood  flooring applications  

covered plywood


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