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The best quality of melamine laminate plywood sheets of yueshan produce are result from the choice of good raw materials, advanced production equipment, the employee is responsible for each procedure and the quality inspection of products.
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      china birch plywood yueshan baltic birch  plywood is a high-quality utility  hardwood plywood  product. that  used for applications where a very strong & resilient, attractive plywood  required.  birch veneer plywood panel  can devide into  1/2 baltic. 1/4 baltic. 3/4 baltic . 1/8 baltic .  lumber plywood  is widely used as the substrate. for laminates, veneers, painting and other coatings. due to its stability. in such applications such as toy,  model making, interior decoration. and in the manufacture of a variety of sports equipment.

     A  birch  back veneers  throughout product that  manufactured using thin birch veneers. and  plywood grading  to more stringent technical characteristics. thin birch plywood is  flexible at its thinner dimensions and  stable. due to its mutliple layer construction. prefinished plywood   stocked for immediate delivery in  4′ 8′and  5′ 5′  /6mm / 16mm  /18mm thickness.  and is  used in the manufacture of boats, toys, furniture, lighting  business cards. 

     The best quality of  melamine plywood   baltic birch laminations plywood sheets of. Yueshan_birch plywood suppliers produce  red oak. and  white oak   wood product results from the choice of good raw materials. advanced production equipment, the employee handles each procedure. and the quality inspection of products. All this  hardwood plywood  cabinet grade plywood  prefinished white  veneer faces process means. that our decorative panels  size 18mm  melamine laminate  plywood product are high quality.


birch plywood 18mm

      Birch Plywood, as the name would suggest. manufactured from rotary peeled birch veneers of the same uniform thickness. This method of construction produces a plywood with known and consistent engineering characteristics. which together with the fine dense grain on the surface makes for an excellent plywood. suitable for very many end uses.

      Constructed from many thin layers. Birch plywood has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. and is visually more appealing than standard plywood. making it suitable for a wide range of applications. A versatile plywood that cuts and finishes well. these boards have a light colour making them suitable for staining. but are commonly finished with clear lacquers or oils.

china birch plywood advantages

-The advantages of  melamine plywood  board healthy. and environmental protection of the  baltic birch  board. in the sheet forming process. to avoid the more use of liquid glue, formaldehyde exists in the liquid glue. so, the multi-layer board than plywood more environmental protection, more healthy.

-white melamine faced birch plywood made of the multi-layer thin veneer of solid wood. which arranged crisscrossing. It made by several working procedures such as cold pressing. hot pressing, sanding, and health preservation. The unique production process and raw material selection of the multilayer board. determine its unique quality. The birch plywood composed of the solid wood surface layer and a solid wood base layer.

-Melamine Birch Laminate Plywood compared with the price of expensive real wood board. multilayer board is more cheap. and practical benefit, real board still exists nowadays be out of shape. craze is acting two big phenomenon. ply board glue. pass high temperature and high pressure. solved the deformation of real board from inside stress respect. craze two big defects. And Melamine Birch Laminate Plywood no need to worry completely. Melamine Birch Laminate Plywood wholesale manufacturer expresses. current multilayer board used for board type furniture, custom-made furniture, is easy. health and environmental protection, physical performance is very good. satisfied all requirements of a consumer to furniture.

-With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards. the furniture industry develops . As one of the commonly used materials for furniture processing. Melamine Birch Laminate Plywood is also popular in the market. It is also advancing with the development of the furniture industry. The number of layers is usually odd, and a few are even. The physical and mechanical properties of the vertical. and horizontal directions have little difference. We often use a three-layer board, five-layer board and so on. Melamine Birch Laminate Plywood can also improve the wood rate and save wood .


melamine laminate plywood

birch laminate plywood application

      Birch plywood constructed from many layers of thin veneers to create a strong. and durable multi-ply panel. Birch Plywood is a high-quality construction material with an excellent durability. and resistance to moisture.

      Its excellent strength to weight ratio make it ideal. for use in construction, furniture, shelves and packaging.

      The interior plywood is easy to work with; it goes perfectly well with finish materials. It is water resistant, but it is not recommended to use it for exterior finish.

      This material is ideal for interior use.

       The ability to calculate the engineering performance of Birch throughout plywood renders. it suitable for many and varied end uses. Used extensively within the furniture industry. it is also used in the high end packaging industry for boxing scientific. and musical instruments. In the engineering sector it used for pattern making.

melamine birch plywood

Plywood grade

      Birch plywood is available in a range of grades defined by the face veneer. the highest of which is virtually blemish free and ideal for staining or lacquering. Its consistency, strength and delicate colour means. it is also frequently used in the manufacture of furniture.

BB grade birch plywood

       BB/BB grade birch plywood or as it's commonly known 'BB' Grade, is the norm when supplying birch plywood. If you wish, rather than get tied up with the different grades. please describe in the instruction box below what you intend to use the birch plywood for. and we will advise the best grade / options accordingly.

       Birch throughout plywood made from only Birch veneers of the same thickness, glued. and laid up in alternating directions to the required thickness. It thus provides a superbly consistent strong panel with known engineering characteristics. At the same time the aesthetically pleasing. fine tight grain of the BB face is suitable for all types of surface finish ( or none ) as required. Please advised that some suppliers. offer a Birch faced product made up with alternating veneers of other species. sometimes known as twin ply – this will not. have the same consistent strength/engineering characteristics, stability. or longevity of our Birch throughout product.

      One-piece face generally light and uniform in color. Pin knots and small sound tight knots allowed. Occasional "football" patches are color matched to the veneer. Sanding is smooth.

        The main commercial or utility grade - both faces are Grade BB – . which allows patches and other knots/imperfections. Suitable for all general work including CNC Machining. or where face grade not overly important –But good quality BB grade boards may be acceptable for clear finishing and furniture! Available in Long or Cross grain construction.

B Grade

-The highest quality plywood

-slight discolouration permitted

-no external defects

-pin knots permitted

-maximum 3 repair patches (plugs) per M2

WG Grade

-For use where surface appearance is not important, reverse grade.

-Sound knots permitted

-Open splits and checks up to 4mm wide. Discolouration, streaks, roughness, glue penetration and plugs permitted

CP Grade

-Discolouration and plugs allowed without limits

-Putty repairs

-Larger defects

C Grade

-The lowest grade plywood. Not sanded, open defects of wood structure and processing defects allowed.

For construction purposes when face grade is not important i.e. packaging


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