Maple Laminate Plywood

The maple laminate plywood is made of melamine veneer board with core veneer. Both sides of the plywood panel are bond with white melamine paper.
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Product Name:Maple Laminate Plywood

Maple laminate plywood 2440 x 1220mm

Maple laminate plywood 2440 x 1220mm The maple laminate

 plywood made of melamine veneer board with core veneer. Both sides of the plywood panel are bond with white melamine paper.

This maple laminate plywood sheets is the perfect material for the

 furniture, joinery and interior industries. Its features provide high

 visible quality with smooth and superior surfaces that are ready for use. This is decorative melamine board laminate plywood, all sides 

need trimming, the regular size 2400 x 1200mm

Custom Maple Melamine Laminated Plywood Applications

- For demanding applications, make the decorative surface more looks like maple surface

- Joinery products, applied to window and cover, partition, false

 wall, warm air cover, curtain box door board, wallboard, etc.

- Maple Melamine Laminated Plywood also can use as the 

backboard of the adornment faceplate, board type furniture waits 

for all sorts of woodwork craft, like decorative shelving

- Fittings for kitchens, offices, shops, kindergartens and so many more besides. - all kinds of furniture like laminated flooring or hardwood flooring.

Maple Wood Texture Laminated Plywood Advantage


- Plywood is healthy and eco-friendly, multi-layer boards avoid more utilization of liquid glue within the sheet developing process, which is more eco-friendly and healthy.

- Laminated Plywood posses good structural strength and stability.

- Laminated Plywood with light material, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, shock and vibration resistance, easy processing and coating, insulation along with other advantages.

- Natural and vivid maple wood-grain, good decorative performance


Glued Laminated Timber Maple Laminated Plywood Wholesale Supplier - Yueshan


We provide a full cutting and edging service on all range of plywood products sheet materials. If you want your custom plywood sheet cut to size, do one of the next options:

1 - Select on the information sheet for simple instruction and download the cutting sheet (this needs emailing back again to us)

2 - Send us note info to

2- maple laminate plywood product machine

2- maple laminate plywood production process

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