Laminated Plywood Door

Melamine Laminated plywood door panels for primary use in lots of place,such as room, bathroom, classroom or other buildings.
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Product Name:Laminated Plywood Door Panels

Melamine Laminated plywood door panels for primary use in lots of place,such as room ,bathroom, classroom or other buildings. During the laminated plywood door panels production process, paper impregnated with a durable melamine resin is bonded with raw laminated plywood panels using a high pressure, heat-intensive bonding process. The end product is a smooth-finished surface together with a constant and decorative plywood sheet. This makes laminated plywood panels perfectly used for decorative furniture applications.

Yueshan incorporated in the year 1999 at Foshan city, Yueshan is a Sole Proprietorship (Individual) based company, engaged as the trader of Melamine laminated plywood, Melamine MDF, Melamine chipboard, UV  board and many more. These products are stringently examined on quality before delivery. Under the management of Yueshan, we have placed a remarkable niche in the industry.

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