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Melamine faced laminated plywood with both sides laminated with impregnation melamine glue paper.
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(1)Melamine faced laminated panel plywood with both sides laminated with impregnation melamine glue paper. Yueshan produces the collection of melamine laminated hardboard products like the melamine faced laminate application of furniture. Then this melamine faced paper color can be white, blue, green, red or wood grains like cherry, beech, walnut, appellee, mahogany wood veneer, etc. 


(2)Besides, the high requirement of furniture usually need the plywood to be produced with eucalyptus core or combi core but regular poplar core is not sufficient for furniture making. 


  1. The multi-layered melamine laminated plywood with eucalyptus core and phenol resin can be utilized as the base material for plywood flooring as well. This sort of melamine face has a better wear level of resistance. Welded plywood, particle board,excellent birch plywood boards、chipboard or MDF board, which are used income to Yueshan buy the best quality melamine laminated plywood, we will give the affordable price for you.


Melamine faced Laminated Plywood FAQ


What is the Composite materials laminated plywood sheet?

Laminate panel is a type of manufactured timber made from thin sheets of substrates or wood veneer. It is similar to the more widely used plywood, except that it has a plastic, protective layer on one or both sides.


What does laminated plywood panel mean?

Definition of laminated ply wood. : layers of wood glued or otherwise united with the grains parallel to form boards or timbers — compare plywood.



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