18mm Laminated Plywood

Yueshan is one of manufacturer of the melamine laminated plywood suppliers in China. Our laminated plywood are constructed of veneer strips of wood, it was created to provide extra strength and maintain high durability.
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colored laminated plywood

       Plywood made from thin slices of wood that  bonded together. These individual slices called wood veneers. and they made by peeling the timber logs obtained from trees. Most of the veneers manufactured using a rotary-cutting process. Rotary-cut means that the logs of wood mounted on a machine. and rotated along their longitudinal axis while a cutter peels of layers from the log.

      The individual wood veneers. thus obtained are then placed over one another to form layers. Each individual layer is also called a ply. Adhesives such as Phenol formaldehyde. or Urea formaldehyde are then applied over each of these plies. and these layers are together sent into a hot-press machine to laminated. together under high pressure.

       Lamination can defined as a process in which many sheets are heat-pressed. and glued together to form a permanent bond. In the case of plywood, slices of wood (veneers) placed over one another . and bonded together using hot-press machines and adhesives. So plywood itself can  thought of as laminated plywood.

      Color Plywood also known as Color Plywood. made of birch (Betula pendula, hardwood) plywood with improved face. and core veneers. Both sides of the board coated with a colored translucent phenolic film. that leaves the wood grain visible.

       colored laminated plywood offer a lower cost alternative to plastic laminate. The decorative paper faces saturated with melamine resin . and then thermally fused to a substrate using heat and pressure. The paper face permanently bonds to the board with no possibility of delamination. Melamine interiors are stain resistant and extremely durable, requiring no sanding or finish. This makes them a great addition to entertainment centers. laundry rooms, mudrooms, home offices and workshop tables. as the slick surface makes it easy to move heavy assemblies. Select one of our three melamine manufactures to learn more.

colored laminated plywood description 


1220mm×2440mm (Other sizes available on request)


18mm (Other sizes available on request)



+/-0.2mm to 0.3mm


+/-0.4 to 0.5mm

Face and Back

Basswood, Birch,Bleached,Oak,Bintangor, Meranti,Okoume, Pencil cedar, Pine,Poplar, Teak etc.


Eucalyptus and combi

plywood sheet  face

Single-Faced, Double-Faced.

Melamine Plywood Finishing

lower, Glossy , Grid, Leather,Wave,  Matt, Embossed, Ripple, Solid Wood,Textured etc

Melamine Plywood Color

wood grain color,Solid color such as white, gray, glue, cherry, green, yellow, red, black, pink (over 150 designs)

Wood Grain

ash, apple, beech, cherry, elm, oak, peach, pine, red rose, sapele, sandal, teak, walnut, wenge, zebra ect


E0, E1, E2, WBP,  MR


ABB/BB,BB/BB,BB/CC,DBB/CC,and so on.

plywood sheet Types

13-Ply Boards, 15-Ply Boards, 3-Ply Boards, 5-Ply Boards, 7-Ply Boards, 9-Ply Boards,


About 650kg/m3


E1 &le; 9mg/L, 9mg/L &le; E2 &le; 30mg/L

Bonding strength




colored laminated plywood

dyed laminated.  laminated blanks.  finnish  birch hardwood  laminate plywood.  blank caribbean. blank americana. blank applejack.   pen blanks  color plywood 


 Melamine laminated plywood Features

-improved face and core veneers

-colored, translucent film. leaving the wood grain visible (Black, Dark-Brown, Light Brown, Green, Red, Yellow. and Natural or transparent)

-taint and odor free panel suitable for food products

-smooth surface easy to keep clean

-Color Plywood is an ideal material for the furniture and joinery industries. Its features provide -smooth and superior surfaces that are ready for use. 

-The panels are rigid and often used for making jigs and tooling as they are extremely durable.


laminated plywood suppliers

laminated plywood suppliers- Yueshan

      plywood suppliers Yueshan.  is one of manufacturer of the melamine laminated hardwood plywood in China. As one of the China melamine  ply panels  suppliers.  our laminated Plywood sheet  constructed of veneer strips of wood. it  created to provide extra strength and maintain high durability. The most common end uses for decorative melamine plywood. with edge machining are construction. such as wall lining, laminate wood flooring, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, etc. 

      Yueshan  wood  industry co,. Ltd  got  iso 9001 certificate, it is a   verified supplier in China.  formaldehyde emission standards are E1 , E0.  the plywood type have  hpl plywood,  marine plywood,  laminated birch  faced plywood,  fire retardant plywood.  our   wood products with reasonable  fob price,  plywood panels order MOQ is   22 cubic,    

      Yueshan have expertise and  high pressure laminated equipment. built up over decades. enables us to tailor make cost effective  birch plywood  products to your specification. Working with  We offer a massive choice of  pressure laminate decorative surfaces.

      Yueshan Birch Ply Panels use BB/BB face Grade FSC® certified Birch Plywood. producing a panel that is strong and robust with excellent screw retention properities. Additionally because of the pleasing aesthetic of this particular wood. the edges can  left visible on assembly and installation. then waxed, lacquered or painted. Where weight is not a concern this material. makes an excellent furniture board for vehicle fit outs. The impact resistance and durability is ideal for commercial vehicles.


      Pls  contact supplier Yueshan for more  excellent strength colored laminated wood. We  provide smooth superior surfaces  colored plywood for  kitchens offices. or  offices shops. we use sharp cutting tools  full size  cut mdf panel. We work with  freight carrier provide  free panel sample of  free shipping. Yueshan is your   ideal material joinery industries 

laminated plywood

multi colored laminated plywood selection

1) there's two sides of the plywood. Plywood ought to  selected with obvious woodgrain, which proves smooth and smooth. without roughness.

2) no degumming, no damage

3) take notice of the splint joint ought to be tight, no uneven phenomenon

4) the selection is to find the splint. When the seem is brittle once the hands strike each part, it proves the quality is nice. When the seem  muffled, it signifies the look of loose glue.


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