White Marble Digital printing Background Wall Panels

- Jul 18, 2019-

 marble print background

      The digital printing white marble background high-quality  marble texture wall panels. are the focus of the  marble background  decoration. The first thing the guest sees. when entering the  marble texture door is the  texture background  wall. which reflects the owner's taste. 

      The  marble print background decoration material. solid wood of the   background photos  marble wall is various. so how about the  white black  marble designed wall of the.  natural patterns  digital engineered wood board. for a living room or bathroom? Next, let us have a look at the relevant  texture marble  in YueShan.


  white marble background

background texture features


      marble wallpapers free images resolution is high. marble background picture is delicate and realistic:

      Digital printing interior  luxury marble  wall paneling technology integrates advanced technologies. such as  social network electronic control, ink use, mechanical synthetic pattern design. and numerical control operation. The application of this technology in ceramic tile products. can increase the resolution of the product from 72dpi to 360dpi.

      If  white black expressed by popular pixels. digital printing background texture can increased from 2.4 million pixels to 12 million pixels in the existing roller printing effect. which  background abstract improves the pattern definition of ceramic products.

      In the traditional printing method, the color-changing screen patterns. after color separation usually do not overlap. that is, each color colored. and the color gradation of the tile wallpaper  pattern. realized by the color distribution of each printing glaze. digital printing does not have this limitation. Any part can  mixed by various inks. The precise positioning brought by digital technology. can achieve a large color mixture ratio in adjacent parts to. produce  free marble obvious color limits. A small difference in color mixing produces a gradual transition effect. that includes color shade changes and hue changes. When using 5 or 6 colors of ink, the  skin tile change in hue can make the pattern effect closer to natural.


      texture background digital print melamine board texture is nature. Since digital printing does not touch the slab and has no printing plates, no fine prints are visible on the surface of the product, and the product is more natural.


      digital wood background personalized customization texture. With digital printing technology, a wide variety of products, personalized products will emerge in an endless stream, providing designers with more design space.


digital printing background designtechnology 


      1. Digital printing technology adopts digital  pattern vector design. numerical control operation and other technologies. which can handle orders of various batches and different varieties. When changing  stock images  production. digital printers have the characteristics of no need to replace ink. or clean ink path  stone floor , eliminating the need for rollers. Tube engraving and trial work shorten the production cycle.

      2, Digital printing  abstract painting  color. color manipulation is simple, can reduce the human resources of technology. reduce production costs.

      3.  texture marble Elimination of damage. and defects caused by contact with the printed substrate. and improving the superior product rate of the product.

      4. Digital printing changes the characteristics of traditional printing technology and ceramic tile contact.

The printing effect sprayed from top to bottom through the nozzle. The brick surface is no longer in direct contact with the printing tool. which can achieve multi-angle, high-density grazing.


digital printing

 The three-dimensional face-making design effect of the tile is completely presented. the ink-jet printing realizes the one-time printing on the three-dimensional modeling. surface of the tile for the first time. especially realizes the vivid printing of various concave. and convex floating bricks and the beveled surface. and the concave and convex three-dimensional surface drop can reach 4mm. can make the uneven surface colored, so that the joints of various special shapes. and the main brick are more natural, and the paving effect is more natural. All this makes the connotation of the design to the fullest and makes the ceramic more spiritual.

      5, white marble  golden texture   background  customization.

The traditional ceramic printing produces a variety of colors. varieties, and styles. and consumers can only choose their favorite styles within a limited range. With the continuous advancement of technology. and the continuous development of new research and development. the variety of new products is increasing. and the types of choices available to consumers are increasing. But after all. it is the unified design of the manufacturers, the commonality of the suits in the market is more obvious. and the individuality is poor.

      6, Easy  get   texture vector natural patterns of  marble stone 

Digital printing uses digital artwork. which  expands the original size of the artwork as long as the computer's capacity. and transmission speed allow it. At present. the single digital artwork can printed in size, which can reach dozens of times. and hundreds of times of the size of the tile. In this range of sizes. the material can  printed, achieving no repetitive printing. close to the pattern effect of natural stone. satisfying Market users are pursuing the natural effects of tile decoration.

      7. From  background marble  top view  related searches. the concept of ceramic tile design is to return to nature.

The emergence of digital printing technology provides colorful design elements for ceramic design, flowers, and birds, birds and beasts, mountains and rivers... The elements of nature are thus multicolored, and they  painted and painted. Nature The landscape can also be an inexhaustible design element for designers. Stone, wood grain, etc., and the texture of wallpapers, fabrics. can also  reflected by digital printing technology.

Is  white marble board environmentally ?

      There are many kinds of white marble digital panel. which can  divided into the transfer process. sticker process and high-definition printing process according to different production processes. Some processes use glue to bond during production, and there is some pollution. such as thermal transfer technology. The surface digital -curing technology is the most advanced surface treatment technology. It has the advantages of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance. water and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and high brightness. It is outstanding in environmental performance and aesthetics.


white marble

digital printing price

       There is no clear answer to the cost of the wall, and its cost related to material factors and design. When you choose materials. you should describe them according to the design plan and the business. so that you can choose the right materials to achieve your own satisfactory results. The price of each wall of the imitation marble digital board wall material is different. the brand and quality are different. and the price is not the same, so everyone can choose the right business according to their own budget. 

marble background panels maintance

      For the stubborn stains on the marble print background digital board. you can use a hard brush to paste the soda and water to clean and wash. if it is tea stains or coffee stains. you can use a hard brush and a neutral detergent to scrub, but Must not washed with alkaline. or acidic detergents as they are corrosive to digital  panels. Besides, the white marble digital board wall can not use the steel ball to wipe the surface, the steel ball is rusty. it is easy to leave stains on the surface of the wall. The digital board wall cannot  washed with water to protect it from moisture. and it can also avoid long-term sunlight to avoid discoloration.

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