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- Apr 25, 2019-

melamine board

       Melamine is an organic chemical compound. that can mixed with formaldehyde to produce a thermosetting plastic. The product called melamine resin. and used in the timber industry as a high pressure decorative laminate. It is durable and have certain fire resistant properties. These properties make it a suitable choice for products. such as laminate flooring, Formica, dry erase boards, and dinnerware.

      Melamine panels offer a lower cost alternative to plastic laminate. The decorative paper faces saturated with melamine resin. and then thermally fused to a substrate using heat and pressure. The paper face bonds to the board with no possibility of delamination.

      Melamine interiors are stain resistant and durable, requiring no sanding or finish. This makes them a great addition to entertainment centers. laundry rooms, mudrooms, home offices . and workshop tables; as the slick surface makes it easy to move heavy assemblies.

      In the case of chip boards, the resin is mist sprayed onto the panel particles through a nozzle. These boards can used for external structures. as it offers enhanced water resistance properties. Furthermore. the high pressure melamine chip boards are denser, thus is more steady and robust.

       Like the chip boards, the melamine faced MDF (medium density fibreboard) panels . can also held together by the resin. It is a similar process where the wood fibres compressed. under high pressure circumstances. The MDF are more expensive to manufacture and is a more durable option.

     the commonlu used melamine sheets is white melamine. maple melamine. grey melamine. red oak. hardwood plywood. particle board. hardrock maple. black melamine. white oak. almond melamine. folkstone grey. formaldehyde emission have E1 or EO.

Melamine sheets process

       Melamine is a hard resin commonly used as an overlay for building materials like MDF or plywood. In its most basic form, melamine is an organic compound that. when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable thermosetting plastic. This 'plastic' is then added to a paper base to form the laminate that. covers a variety of panels sheets materials and household objects. Melamine Board is a particleboard laminated with. a thermally fused paper/resin coating to. provide a durable hard surface.


melamine board

melamine laminated faced board application

      With so many colors, finishes, and texture designs available. melamine panels can used anywhere. such as kitchen cabinet.

      Add color or other accents to cabinet doors and drawer fronts

      Create depth, warmth, and style to any room

      Getwood products  look you want with custom colors, textures. and woodgrains (or a combination of all three) available by special order

       Melamine is perfect for internal cabinetry, draws and shelving. Because Melamine is either Particleboard or MDF with a Melamine surface bonded to it. it is able to used in a multitude of applications.

       The moisture resistant panel products variety. can used in high moisture areas such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. while the Standard  melamine mdf variety can used in applications like book cases or even for shop fitting. 

melamine board supplier

melamine board supplier 


        The china melamine board manufacturers is a disassembled modular. furniture with the wood-based panels as the main base. and the board as the basic structure. Common artificial boards include fragrant boards, laminate plywood,mdf, block board, particle board. medium density fiberboard, and the like. The use of MDI glue on the fragrant board does not produce formaldehyde pollution. 

         plywood is often used to make furniture that requires bending deformation. the performance of blockboard is sometimes affected by the core material. the solid wood particle board appearing on the particleboard market is actually particleboard. medium density fiberboard, 

          Has good plasticity for engraving. Next, let's take a look at the melamine board distributors together. After years of hard work, YUESHAN Co., Ltd. has become China's leading large-scale, standardized furniture group integrating design. production and sales, making “simple. fashionable and modern” become the endorsement of YUESHAN furniture style. 

        YUESHAN Furniture has always practiced the spirit of low-carbon and environmental protection. YUESHAN factory has introduced automatic painting production line to improve production efficiency. and environmental protection. It has won the “Green Choice” and won the“Outstanding Contribution Award. for Environmental Labeling Products”.


 YISHANG founded in Sweden and the Swedish IKEA Group has . become the world's largest furniture and household goods business. YISHANG has won the “China's Most Competitive Brands List” award. for its good brand impression. and brand vitality, and has won widespread praise from consumers. 

        The YISHANG product range is available in a wide range of functions: from plant. and living room items to toys and the entire kitchen. you can find everything you need to decorate your home.

 Caesar Haoting

 Caesar Haoting designs, produces and sells European high-end furniture. Caesar's series of furniture emphasizes fine cutting and. carving, the structure is concise, the sense of art is strong, giving a sense of luxury. the pursuit of romantic pluralism gives the possibility of unlimited home environment. is a symbol of noble life. Established a new standard of popularity for expensive European furniture. creating the concept of “low-key luxury”.

Kafuya Series Furniture

 Kafuya series furniture is soft furniture that integrates environmental protection and health. The products cover leather, fabric and leather fabric combined with furniture. The leading Kafuya products. bring together the high-end furniture products concept of each country. based on the humanized happiness, advocate the design concept of comfort, health, fashion. and taste at home. and strive to bring a healthy and comfortable home environment for consumers.

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