Which is good for melamine mdf cut to size and MDF?

- Apr 19, 2019-

melamine mdf cut to size and laminate faced mdf MDF are not unfamiliar to everyone. Solid wood melamine mdf cut to size used at home and abroad as a new type of :


friendly substrate,

especially in Europe and the United States, but it has also adopted in China. Let's take a look at the melamine mdf cut to size. and the density melamine board with a small series for your reference.

Which is good for melamine mdf cut to size and MDF?


The Characteristics Of White Melamine Mdf Cut To Size


   1.The material


density board uses the sawdust at the end of the forest industry. and the material itself has no fiber structure at all. The flaky wood chips used in the particleboard keep the fiber structure. and machined by unprocessed tree branches, rather than scraps.


    2. Processing Process


    Since the material of the MDF is close to powder. the surface area of the same volume of material is much larger than the laminar wood chips used in the melamine mdf cut to size. The adhesive used in sheet metal bonding also far exceeds the melamine mdf cut to size. which determines the price, density (specific gravity). and formaldehyde content of the MDF is higher than that of the melamine mdf cut to size. It can seen that the high price of the MDF is due to high cost rather than high performance.


 The modern particleboard production process uses air atomized spray adhesive. and layering process to make the adhesive less dosage. and the board structure more reasonable. so the quality is better. The sheet used by our company produced by this process.


 3. Scope of application


  Due to the uniform and delicate internal structure. the MDF used in the furniture industry to replace wood processing flower lines. and engraving products. such as European furniture door panels, hats and decorative columns. Particleboard is  used in the panel furniture industry due to its inflexibility. high strength to weight ratio, good nail holding power and low formaldehyde content. Most of the top international brands. and well-known domestic companies choose high quality particleboard

melamine mdf

MDF Features


 1. Uniform material,

compact layer structure,

smooth and smooth surface,

not easy to deform,

stable performance,

edge bright, delicate, not easy to collapse, layering; non-toxic, odorless, non-radiative, good breathability;


    2. Good thermal insulation performance, no aging, strong adhesion


 3. Static bending strength,

tensile strength,

water content,

nail holding power,

water swelling ratio

and formaldehyde content are all superior to GB/T117181-999

and GBl8580-2001 national standards (inner strength is up to O.74Mpa)

The expansion ratio is less than 3% and the water content is about 5%.


 4. MDF is finer than ordinary particleboard, the surface is flat, can't be drum, and is not layered. which can reduce the amount of material used. The density board used to detect the formaldehyde emission and structural strength. The density fiberboard divided into E1 grade. E2 grade and E0 grade according to the formaldehyde emission amount. and the formaldehyde emission amount is generally not more than 30mg/100g. E1 and E0 used in piano production.


 5. Common materials include pine, poplar, and willow wood. In China. medium density fiberboard is already a good material for furniture manufacturing . and home decoration.


 Article Summary: About Which is good for melamine mdf cut to size and MDF? introduced here,  help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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