Which is better for the wardrobe sheet? ||Particleboard VS MDF

- Apr 18, 2019-

What Is Particleboard?

We all know that the particleboard broken by logs and then 

processed by high temperature and pressure. The middle layer of

 the particleboard is wood chips, and the two sides organized wood

 chips, which pressed into sheets. The surface layer is in the form of a powder layer, and the homogenized particle board is the best. The molecular structure of the particle board is tight and the bending strength is high. The particle board has the advantages of being not

 deformed and having a strong nail holding power. The 

disadvantage of particleboard is that it is not easy to do bending 

treatment or curved section treatment, and it has high requirements for processing machinery.

chipboard use in kitchen

What is a MDF?

The MDF is made of plant wood fiber as the main raw material, and is processed by hot grinding, paving, hot pressing and the like. It features uniform internal structure, good machinability, easy engraving and various parts and shapes. MDF generally has a good surface flatness, so when the surface needs to be boring and forming, and the pasting surface is a softer material (such as a blushing plastic blister), the MDF is used to ensure that the surface after the film is flat. Therefore, it is generally used for laminate flooring, door panels, and the like.

Advantages or disadvantages analysis:

Moisture resistance: MDF is formed by pressing wood powder, and the surface is flat. Therefore, when the surface needs to be boring and forming, and the surface is softer (such as blister board), medium density is often used. The sheet is used to ensure that the surface of the film is flat.    

However, since the raw materials are all very fine wood powder, if the particleboard is immersed in water due to the moisture-proof property, the wood fiber is long in the particleboard, and the structure of the wood is more retained, so the particleboard will not expand until it expands to a certain extent. (8%-10%). Therefore, the comprehensive performance of moisture resistance can be said that the particle board is superior to the density board.

Therefore, European and American furniture kitchen cabinet companies do not have a more common use of MDF for the box material has a certain reason.

Environmental protection:

Recently, almost all furniture and kitchen cabinets in Europe and America use particleboard. Due to the use of a full set of imported equipment (investment of more than 200 million yuan), several large domestic factories can also produce particleboard with tight molecular structure and high flexural strength. Generally speaking, if the surface decoration surface is imported from Germany, most of them are produced by large factories, and are used for high-grade furniture, buyers and suppliers pay more attention to market reputation, so there are fewer problems.


From the perspective of production technology:

However, there are currently some small domestic factories that can only produce some common white light board and eucalyptus board. Due to the backward equipment and production process, the produced sheets are inferior in bearing capacity, bending resistance and deformation strength. The manufactured furniture is easy to loose after fastening, and the fastening strength is insufficient after loosening, and it expands rapidly after encountering water. And the formaldehyde content is extremely high, dozens of times higher than the national standard, which is very harmful to the human body. It is the quality of this type of sheet that tarnishes the reputation of particleboard and makes consumers mistakenly believe that the quality of particleboard is inferior. MDF is replaced by a sheet because the time it takes to appear is not long and the trees are getting scarcer. So there is a MDF.

From the quality of the glue:

However, a large amount of glue is used in the production process of the MDF. If the quality of these glues is not enough, or if it is unstable, the MDF will be too high.

MDF mainly detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. MDF is classified into E1 grade and E2 grade according to formaldehyde emission, and formaldehyde emission exceeds 30mg/100g. In general, most of the MDFs of the upper-scale manufacturers are qualified. Most of the MDF on the market is E2 grade, and E1 grade is less. On the whole, the particle board environmental protection factor is much higher than the density board. Moreover, the MDF is mostly used for door panels or for styling, and is not practical for cabinets.

chipboard sheet


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