Which is best material for wardrobe designs for bedroom?

- Jul 31, 2019-

MDF wardrobes designs


MDF cupboards designs, also known as fiber board, has strong physical properties. Good for diy built in wardrobes plans. wardrobe closet Advantages and disadvantages of mdf panel. mdf wardrobes material is fine. mdf wardrobes doors cutting surface sealing will be very good.  free standing wardrobe will not be easy to open glue. Easy to press into a variety of shapes, easy to do modeling, so usually do more door or backplane. Is a good material for make mdf wardrobe doors.


Disadvantages: because the base material is powder as raw material. the glue used is more than the particle board. and diy fitted wardrobes is more likely to produce environmental protection problems. so is mdf furniture safe? it is safe. because the glue content of the density plate is more the internal structure space is less. and the moisture resistance is poor, a density immersed in the water for 24 hours. After more than ten hours, MDF wardrobes can seen that the density board rises and rises on all sides and deforms.


melamine wardrobe

Particleboard melamine laminate sheet cupboard materials 


Solid wood particle board advantages:


1. The decoration melamine finish  performance is strong


Solid wood particle board made of wood scrap as a material. taking affirmative physical. and chemical methods to take part in the processing of adhesive or other additives. Compared with natural wood, it has a wide surface, smooth and smooth appearance. no defects such as knots, insects and anisotropy, no warping, no cracking, high physical. wardrobe design catalogue mechanical strength, equal longitudinal and transverse strength, sound insulation and mildew resistance. , economy, insulation, etc.


2. The melamine wardrobe warpage is good and not easy to deform


The bedroom wardrobe design catalogue particle board has small warpage deformation. good dimensional stability, high strength, good stiffness. and it is not easy to bend when heavy clothes hung. The wood-based panels used in the European furniture market. are latest wardrobe designs for bedroom  particle boards.


3. Strong melamine board nail holding power


The inside of the solid wood particle board is a granular shape with a cross-stack structure. So, the nail holding power is strong, and the nails and screws can nailed. These machinable properties are better than MDF. but there is still a gap compared to solid wood furniture.


4. Good processing performance melamine wardrobe


The solid wood melamine board particle board has the same density as the melamine wardrobes. and has excellent physical and mechanical properties. It is closest to natural wood and natural wood in various wood-based panels. Thus, the machine has excellent processing performance . and can processed by the processing configuration. and essentials of processing natural wood. The interior of the solid wood particle board is a granular shape.  with a cross-displacement layout. The particles arranged in a certain direction. and its longitudinal bending strength is much larger than the lateral direction. It can sawed, sanded, planed, drilled, nailed. twisted, etc. Processing is a good material for the furniture industry.


The disadvantage of solid wood particle board is that the flatness is not as good as the density board. and it is more difficult to make the curvature and shape.


the cross-staggered structure of the shaving board. the force of each direction is the same, the size is stable, the thickness is large.  the OSB process after the upgrade is lower. the formaldehyde release is lower. It includes a giant OSB production line with the German Siempkamp. which is very likely to replace the blockboard and MDF in the future


Melamine plywood material wardrobe


On-site woodworking made white melamine wardrobe doors, the original use of large core boards. in recent years generally used to use multi-layer boards, the cabinet. and the oerall use of the multi-layer board is to use this kind of multi-layer board for the on-site wardrobe. posted on the outside The layer made of wood-like melamine film.  and the environmental protection index can achieve the E0 level of formaldehyde. which is the preferred material for the high-quality whole wardrobe cabinet.


mdf wardrobe

How to maintenance melamine wood mdf wardrobe closet designs


1. Keep away from water contact. The water-proof of the melamine veneer white melamine wardrobe doors is not so good. so it is necessary to close the window in the rainy season so as not to wet the density board with rain. At the same time, attention should paid to the ventilation in the room, the humidity in the room. and the normal indoor temperature. which is also beneficial to the extension of the life of the density board.  it should noted that the long-term water immersion of the density board. should kept away from the water and the temperature is suitable.


2. Avoid high temperature. The users who use the melamine ash MDF board. need to know that the placement of the density board should avoided. such as the side of the stove, the side of the radiator, and the like. and the sunlight can not irradiated, so to prevent the surface of the density board from cracking.  and aging in advance. Otherwise the melamine wardrobe shelves can caused to crack.  and deform due to excessive dehydration.


3. forbidden load Avoid placing too heavy items on the alone wardrobe closet. in order not to damage the support structure of the wardrobe.


4. Service cleaning When cleaning the melamine finish of the MDF wardrobe.  it is important to focus on not washing with a large amount of water. and wiping with a soft wet cloth. It can also treated with a household soft neutral detergent and warm water,. and the protective liquid. can cleaned by using a special melamine wardrobe doors matched with the density plate. And the surface of the density plate cannot cleaned using an acidic. or alkaline detergent.


5. Stain cleaning The stain and oil stain on the surface of the MDF board. with a domestic detergent. Do not use a large amount of water to clean the melamine wardrobe shelving. When the surface of the density board stained. the surface of the melamine wardrobe design is generally dried by a moisture-free mop. If the chocolate, grease, fruit juice, beverage and so on. wipe with warm water and neutral detergent. If it contaminated with lipstick, crayon, ink, etc., it can wiped with methanol or acetone on laminate cabinet makeover.



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