What's the difference between plywood and fireproof board?

- Apr 10, 2019-

There are so many varieties of plates on the market that people are confused in the decoration, let alone have a specific understanding of them, and then share the difference between plywood and fireproof panels.

First, what is plywood?

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layered plate-like material that is cut into thin wood by wood or cut into veneers by wood segments and glued with adhesive. Generally, an odd-numbered veneer is used to form a plate in which the fiber directions of adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other.


Second, what is the fire retardant board?

The fire-retardant board is a three-layer or multi-layered board which is made of wood and is cut into small wooden blocks, which is flame-retarded by small wooden blocks, and then glued with plywood, usually with odd-numbered wood chips, and along the wooden side. The fiber directions are perpendicular to each other. Flame retardant panels are a special way of plywood.

Third, the distinct between fire retardant board and plywood:

1. Plywood is one of the commonly used plates for furniture and one of the three panels for wood-based panels. It is usually used as a substrate to manufacture home panels such as eco-boards, paint-free panels, and veneers. Plywood is also divided into weather resistant, boiling water resistant plywood. These plywoods are durable, resistant to boiling or steam. It can be used outdoors. The other type is water resistant plywood that can withstand cold water or short-term hot water impregnation. But not tolerate boiling. There is also a type of impervious plywood. Plywood has different strengths, and plywood of different strengths has different uses.

2. The fire retardant board has the advantages of good physical and mechanical functions, strong nail holding power and smooth surface. It facilitates secondary processing and can be used to paste rotary cut veneers, paint paper, and impregnated paper. It can also directly carry out oil and gas and printing decoration, its mechanical processing function is good, can be sawed, milled, drilled, opened and so on. And its internal structure is average, can be made into plates of different thickness, and is widely used in furniture manufacturing,construction, interior decoration, shipbuilding and other occupations.


3, Fire retardant board is a relatively difficult to burn the board. Of course, the flame retardant information is not completely incinerated, but it is not easy to incinerate, burning for dozens of minutes or even hours. Plywood is a flammable material. When the temperature around it is suitable, carbonization, ignition and incineration will occur, and spontaneous combustion will not occur.


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