what makes better shelving particleboard or MDF?

- Jul 30, 2019-

MDF melamine shelving advantage

Laminate shelving MDF melamine board. is a kind of artificial melamine panel board made of wood fiber. or other plant fiber, which crushed,. separated by fiber, dried. and then coated with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. and then hot pressed. The advantage for shelf board is that the material is thin. and the melamine shelves cut surface will be well sealed when it edged. laminate shelving boards is not easy to open the glue. Can pressed into a variety of shapes, so usually more shelves. Better flatness wooden retail shelving boards


particle board melamine shelves white advantage


If the shelving is solid and true, please select the white melamine particle board. A chipboard, a cut material made of wood or other melamine shelf panels material. melamine shelf edging is a synthetic black melamine boards that glued under heat. and pressure after application of the adhesive. Has the advantages that the moisture-proof property is very good, the density is high. and the strength is good. The glue content is small, and the nail holding force is better than the density board. Since the shaving board made of natural wood and crushed into particles. it pressed into the board, which is the melamine shelf material material of the current melamine shelf unit .



custom melamine shelves furniture select method?


melamine shelves made to measure 

the strongest wood for shelves bookshelf on the market. can described as a variety of beautiful different styles. the representative mainstream style is European, American, Chinese, modern and Korean pastoral. when choosing according to your own personality characteristics and preferences to choose.  if you are a more nostalgic person, it suggested to choose Chinese style and American style. With a sense of historical weight; If you want your study to look fresh and relaxed. try to choose a Korean style solid wood bookcase, fresh and natural. if you are a person who pursues delicacy and luxury, it is best to choose a French style solid wood bookcase.


melamine shelf board sizes


for your study space to choose simple solid wood black melamine shelving. to consider the area of study space, small space study as far as possible to choose small. and white melamine shelves cut to order. Sometimes you can do a certain method of addition and subtraction.  such as the space is too small to consider simplifying the large solid wood custom size shelf board.  into a wall-stylemelamine shelf sizes. with a small retractable desk or corner desk and so on. If you are a super book collector and have plenty of room at home, try a high capacity bookcase. Besides to the external melamine shelf custom size to meet the space standards. the internal size of the bookcase can not ignored. The so-called bookcase internal size refers to the bookcase storage space depth. width and height. before the solid wood bookcase to measure their collection of books are more sizes. decide which size to buy solid wood black melamine shelf.


melamine shelving boards quality


melamine white shelf board  used to collect books, first of all. it is natural to withstand the heavy pressure of books. when buying, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the wood of solid wood.  as well as the pressure resistance. and hardness of this kind of wood, etc., we should check whether there are cracks. density board replacement. and other inferior marks in the bookcase, and once again smell the taste of the surface of the bookcase. Good solid wood bookcase will have log out of the light fragrance. inferior solid wood strongest wood for shelves surface painting quality will be too poor. and emit a bad smell of paint. Finally. it is necessary to confirm whether it is convenient to open and close the door board of the bookcase. and whether there is a stuck phenomenon. no problem can purchased after one by one confirmation.



melamine shelving maintenance and clean way


1: to prevent melamine shelving from touching water as much as possible in the daily use process.  bookshelves should prevented from touching water as much as possible. otherwise it is easy to cause rust on the surface of bookshelves. and affect the beauty and use of bookshelves. And bookshelves should store a lot of books, books can not touch water. otherwise it is easy to destroy books and affect the quality of books. so it is necessary to prevent bookshelves from touching water as much as possible.


2: to prevent sharp objects from piercing the surface of the bookshelf.  in the usual use process of the bookshelf. we should try our best to prevent the contact between the bookshelf and the sharp object. If the surface of the bookshelf scraped, the first is to affect the beauty of the bookshelf. and the other is more likely to make the bookshelf oxidize and rust the air. Moreover. when the rusty part of the bookshelf is in contact with the book for a long time, the book damaged. which is 10 points disadvantageous to the maintenance of the book. Skills of cleaning and nourishing bookshelves


3: wipe with clean wet rags. and when cleaning bookshelves, it is best to wipe them clean with clean wet rags. and then dry them with dry cloth to prevent moisture residue, causing bookshelves to rust. affecting the retention of books, and so on. Bookshelf cleaning and maintenance skills


4: it is necessary to place bookshelves in places where the temperature is moderate. so it is necessary to place them in places where the temperature is moderate. Moreover.  affected by sunshine for a long time, the retention of books is also very disadvantageous.


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