what is melamine wood board,5 wood panels for wardrobe making,

- Apr 12, 2019-

Wardrobe is an indispensable furniture in modern home life. It can not only store clothes, but also play a decorative role for the home space. Many consumers will choose to make their own wardrobes, which is cheap. So what kind of plates do you use for your wardrobe? Let's take a look at it!

faced panel plywood use in kitchen

What Kind Of Plate Used To Make The Wardrobe?

       1, MDF

MDF is a used wood-based board, which made by shredding wood, branches and the like in water. The density is uniform, the strength

 is high, and the processing is also easy, but the disadvantage is that the moisture resistance is not good.

       2, Block board

Block board, is a good material for the wardrobe frame. The large core board made of a layer of spliced logs of strips, and then made of thin veneer on the outside. The surface is smooth and flat, stable and not deformed. The pressure and strength selected according to the thickness of the board.

       3, Particle board

Particleboard is a kind of artificial board which is made by cutting raw materials such as wood into pieces of certain specifications, drying them, mixing them with adhesives, hardeners and waterproofing agents and pressing them at a certain temperature. The particleboard has a uniform structure and good processing performance. It can be processed into large-format plates according to needs. It is a good material for making different specifications and styles of furniture.

       4, Solid wood board

Solid wood panels are made from natural trees and are extremely environmentally friendly. More rigid and stable than other materials. It feels good, and it can also adjust the temperature and humidity in the room. However, the price is relatively high, and the production and construction process requirements are high.

       5,Laminated plywood

Plywood, commonly known as multi-layer board, is a sheet-like material formed by gluing a veneer or a sheet of veneer formed by spin-cutting of wood under a certain time. Commonly there are three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood. Plywood has common defects such as low-gloss strength and partial opening, plywood warpage, etc., so it is more used to make oil-filled panels or backboards.

faced laminate plywood veneer

Decoration tips:

So what are the precautions for spring decoration?

1. The spring temperature is generally appropriate, but there is no guarantee that individual days will be high and low. If you encounter such weather, we must pay special attention to the warmth work during the construction work such as plastering, putty, tiling, painting, etc., because these operations will be destroyed by freezing.

2. The wood in spring is easy to be brittle, so the medicine is sealed in time during the construction process, which plays a certain protective role.

3. When doing wall treatment, it is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proof work. It is best to brush the base layer moisture-proof primer and choose the lining cloth to prevent the wall from cracking in the future. After the brushing is finished, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation.

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