What kind of wardrobe panel is the most environmentally friendly?

- Apr 20, 2019-

The wardrobe is one of the wooden furniture commonly used in the home. Consumers chasing the whole wardrobe, in addition to seeing the overall design of the wardrobe, tailor-made features, more importantly, the overall environmental health benefits of the wardrobe deeply attracted consumers. In fact, the most critical factor affecting the environmental performance of the wardrobe is the wooden panel. At present, what kind of sheet is used for environmental protection in the wardrobe, what kind of sheet contains the least amount of formaldehyde? Here are a variety of wardrobe panels for everyone.

9mm particle board

What kind of board is used for environmental protection?

(1)Particleboard: A kind of wood-based panel which is made of small-diameter material, thinned wood, branches and stalks, processed into shavings, and then laid in a cross-sectional orientation, dried, sized, and thermoformed. The advantage is that it has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties. Easy to automate, continuous production, easy to store. The surface is flat, the thickness error is small, it is resistant to pollution and aging, and it can be used for paint and various veneers. Due to the addition of moisture-proof particles to the particle board, it has good moisture resistance and has its advantages in the wet use of the kitchen and bathroom. However, the particle board has low density, insufficient hardness, strong load-bearing restriction, and is not easy to shape. It is easy to cause violent teeth when cutting, and it is not easy to be milled. Therefore, it is more restrictive when making wardrobes, and is more suitable for cabinets. Generally, the quality of imported high-quality particleboard can be less than 0.9mg/L, reaching the E1 standard.

(2)MDF :

The MDF is formed by powdered wood fiber at high temperature and has a good surface flatness. Because of its soft and impact resistance, the strength is high, the density is uniform after pressing, and it is easy to be processed. It is suitable for making plastic panels and baking varnishes. But the disadvantage is that the waterproof is very poor, it is easy to expand and deform. Optional MDF: MDF mainly detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. MDF is classified into E1 grade and E2 grade according to formaldehyde emission, and formaldehyde emission exceeds 30mg/100g.

(3)Solid wood particle board:

 Solid wood particle board is a new type of high-grade environmentally friendly substrate, which is produced by the particle board process. The density of solid wood particle board is relatively high, and the wood fiber particles in the board are large, which preserves the essence of natural wood. The content of solid wood particle board in the use of adhesive is generally less than 5%, and the environmental protection is good. The particle board is insulated and absorbs sound. Because of the easy preparation method, the quality is very different, it is difficult to distinguish, the bending resistance and tensile strength are poor, and the density is loose and easy to loose.

(4)Solid wood plywood :

The plywood is made of three or more layers of solid wood veneer or thin-sheet adhesive. It is commonly used with three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood (commonly known as plywood, five PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT). The core has: poplar, mixed wood, amine wood plywood ; good structural strength and good stability. The plywood has a large amount of glue, and it must be edge-sealed during construction to reduce pollution. Buy solid wood plywood : choose plywood  mainly to see its formaldehyde emission and bonding strength. If the gluing strength of the plywood is not good, it is easy to fall apart. When selecting, pay attention to whether the nominal thickness of the plywood matches the actual thickness.


The core board of the solid wood core has good clamping force and high strength. It has the characteristics of firmness, sound absorption and heat insulation. Moreover, the water content is not high, between 10% and 13%. Optional blockboard: The surface of the blockboard should be flat, without warping, deformation, and no blistering. The core strips are evenly arranged, the gaps are small, and the core strips are free from decay, breakage, wormholes, and thrift.

Chinese fir board (Fir fingerboard): Glulam is an emerging solid wood material that uses large-diameter logs and is processed in depth to form a wooden board that is staggered by fingers. Glulam can be directly painted and painted, saving a process compared to blockboard.

(6)Melamine board:

 Melamine Malacca Melamine board, or melamine whole fir Melamine board, is a solid wood Melamine board, good stability, strong resistance to deformation, strong nail holding power, the most important environmental protection level is very It reaches the European E0 standard and the formaldehyde emission is below 0.5.

(7)Fireproof board:

It is a decorative board made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives. The thickness is generally 0.6-1.2 mm. The fireproof board is economical and has high strength, fire resistance and moisture resistance. Fireproof panels are mainly used for cabinets, showcases, etc.

(8)Hexiang board:

It is a new type of ecological and environmentally-friendly artificial board. It uses rice straw and other crop straws from nature as the main raw materials, and uses polyurethane-based ecological glue which is completely free of formaldehyde as the binder. to make. The biggest feature is the environmental performance - zero formaldehyde release, to avoid consumers suffering from formaldehyde harm to health. Therefore, the fragrant board is the most environmentally friendly in artificial boards, but due to the high level of technology, the price is much more expensive than the particle board and the MDF.

(9)Solid wood board:

After being cut from natural wood, it is dried, polished, painted, spliced and assembled. The natural atmosphere preserves the texture and texture of natural wood, and pure natural wood also protects the health of consumers. However, solid wood furniture is easily deformed and difficult to maintain. Dry and humid environments can easily cause furniture to crack. There are many types of wood selected for solid wood, the species are rare and the price is very different. In general, the cost is higher, which is the most expensive of these kinds of sheets.

Block board

What kind of board is used for environmental protection?

Many consumers believe that particleboard is more environmentally friendly than MDF. However, it is not the case. The panels used in the panel furniture are mainly particleboard and MDF. These two kinds of sheets are made by hand, made of wood processing and crushed with adhesive, and the environmental protection degree naturally depends on the environmental protection of the glue. When consumers customize furniture, they are often misled by salespeople in the store. Sales people often use larger particle size of the particle board, less glue on the board, and the MDF is pressed with powdered fiber. The particles are small and the amount of adhesive needed is much. The particle board is naturally more environmentally friendly than the MDF. In fact, the environmental protection of MDF and particleboard that meet national standards is the same.

The difference between particleboard and MDF:

The substrate of the particleboard is not completely pulverized into fibers, but is pulverized into granules, which is named after the shavings, and then pressed by an adhesive. The MDF is obtained by completely pulverizing the substrate into a fibrous form and then adding an adhesive. However, the particle board is pressed by the shaving material and added to the adhesive, so the density is not uniform, the middle is low, and the two ends are high, so the holding force is lower than that of the medium density fiberboard. Moreover, the surface of the MDF is relatively fine, and the flatness is higher than that of the particle board. The cost of particleboard is lower than the cost of MDF, so the price of particleboard is lower than that of MDF. Therefore, qualified MDF and particleboard are only functionally different.

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