What kind of sheet is best for making a wardrobe?

- Apr 18, 2019-

The closet is a cabinet and solid wood furniture for storing clothes. Generally common divided into swing doors, cabinets and sliding doors outside the cabinet. It is one of the furniture used in the home. When the homerenovated, it is inseparable from the wardrobe. The

 wardrobe not only can decorate the space, but also solves the

 troubles of storing clothes in the space. If we are careful, we will find that there are many kinds of sheets for making wardrobes. So, do you know what kind of board to use for the wardrobe? What are the factors to consider when choosing a wardrobe?

melamine faced board

At present, the wardrobes on the market made of artificial boards, and few of them made of solid wood. The wood-based panels are further divided into particleboard, fiberboard and large core panels. Among them, fiberboard has high density, medium density and low density.  I will give you a detailed introduction below.

First, What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wardrobe?

(1) style

Not any wardrobe is suitable for your own home style. When we buy the

 wardrobe, we should choose the wardrobe of the appropriate style

 according to the decoration style of our home, so that the effect of

 the decoration will be more beautiful.

(2) Brand

When buying a wardrobe, choosing a branded product can bring us better benefits. Because the brand products can guarantee our

 quality, and the maintenance service in the later period is also very good. Compared with the inferior products, the brand wardrobe has a longer service life.

(3) Environmental protection

Today's home decoration will consider environmental protection,

 because inferior sheets will release a lot of formaldehyde, which will cause harm to our body. Thus, when we choose the wardrobe

 sheet, we should try our best to choose environmentally friendly

 panels, which handles our health.

Second, what kind of board is used for making wardrobes?

(1) water board

The water board we call is also called the compression sheet, and its inside is compressed by wood pellets. It is also glued, and the outside is a very hard plastic casing. Such a sheet is not very healthy. Because the glue will release a certain amount of formaldehyde, although many people say that this type of sheet is very green, but the glue is containing formaldehyde, it is better to choose solid wood.

(2) Blockboard

If the blockboard is used as the panel of the wardrobe, then it is necessary to apply the panel, and the panel will definitely be painted and sealed. As a result, the cost has increased correspondingly, and the pollution of the large core board to make the wardrobe is also very large, so when choosing, everyone is still cautious.

(3) MDF (MDF)

Plant fiber is the raw material, and the sheet made by the process of fiber separation, sizing, drying, paving, hot pressing, sawing and inspection is one of the leading products of artificial board. The surface has good flatness, good stability, high bearing capacity, and superior strength and hardness than particleboard. The internal structure of the fiberboard is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, and the deformation is small. Therefore, the nail holding force is strong, and it can be disassembled and assembled many times, which is convenient for moving. Moreover, the melamine-finished fiberboard has the characteristics of water board, anti-corrosion, wear-resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc., and does not require post-treatment, and the formaldehyde content is low.

(4) Wood board

Wood board can be connected, nailed, screwed, wood board construction is very convenient, but its surface treatment is the most troublesome of these. The disadvantage of wood board is that it is very environmentally friendly and easily causes indoor formaldehyde pollution.

(5) Solid wood particle board (particle board)

The particleboard is broken by logs and processed by high temperature and high pressure. The middle layer of the particleboard is wood chips, and the two sides are finely organized wood chips, which are pressed into sheets. The surface layer is in the form of a powder layer, and the homogenized particle board is the best. The molecular structure of the particle board is tight and the bending strength is high.

(6) Plywood

 The line is commonly known as a thin core board. A three-layer or three-layer thin sheet made by cutting a log into a veneer or a wood chip, and then cutting it into a thin wood and then bonding it with an adhesive. The odd-numbered single-layer boards are usually used, and the fiber directions of the adjacent layer boards are vertically aligned and glued to each other.

melamine faced sheets

Third, different sheets are compared with each other:

Many consumers believe that particleboard is more environmentally friendly than MDF. However, it is not the case. The panels used in the panel furniture are mainly particleboard and MDF. These two kinds of sheets are made by hand, made of wood processing and crushed with adhesive, and the environmental protection degree naturally depends on the environmental protection of the glue. When consumers customize furniture, they are often misled by salespeople in the store. Sales staff often use larger particle size of the particle board and the amount of glue on the board. The MDF is pressed with powdered fibers, the particles are small, and there are many adhesives required. The particle board is naturally more environmentally friendly than the MDF. In fact, the environmental protection of MDF and particleboard that meet national standards is the same.

The difference between particleboard and MDF is:

The substrate of the particleboard is not completely pulverized into fibers, but is pulverized into granules, which is named after the shavings, and then pressed by an adhesive. The MDF is obtained by completely pulverizing the substrate into a fibrous form and then adding an adhesive. However, the particle board is pressed by the shaving material and added to the adhesive, so the density is not uniform, the middle is low, and the two ends are high, so the holding force is lower than that of the medium density fiberboard. Moreover, the surface of the MDF is relatively fine, and the flatness is higher than that of the particle board. The cost of particleboard is lower than the cost of MDF, so the price of particleboard is lower than that of MDF. Therefore, qualified MDF and particleboard are only functionally different.

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