What kind of coloured furniture board is used in the cabinet cabinet?

- Apr 25, 2019-

furniture board

      What is Melamine Board? Also known as melamine sheets, conti board or MFC boards. Melamine Boards are very versatile and can used as a cost-effective. alternative to the use of solid wood timber for internal projects.

        The majority of office furniture manufactured with MFC board. Although MFC has the reputation of being low-grade material. the melamine board of today is of much higher-quality than it used to be.

       Furniture board is a manufactured wood that used for cabinets. and many types of furniture. It is also referred to as particle board.

       Furniture board wood veneer is a type of wood that has manufactured from wood chips and resin. Since it does not have any type of grain, furniture board is usually covered with a veneer, lacquer. or laminate to improve its aesthetic appeal. Furniture board is less expensive than plywood, but it is not as sturdy.

       It usually has a rough texture, and it is prone to splitting and sagging. It also reacts to the environment, which may cause it to swell and discolor over time. Many carpenters will compromise by combining furniture board and plywood. They may use furniture board in less conspicuous portions of the cabinet. or in areas that will not required to support heavy weight. They will then use plywood for the visible or functional parts of the cabinets. By combining materials. carpenters can manage costs while maintaining the appearance of the project.

Pine furniture boards advantages

      Pine furniture boards used widely in furniture and cabinet making. The thicker sizes can also used as table tops.

18mm, 27mm, 32mm thicknesses.

Scandinavian Redwood Pine Board.

Strips of timber glued together to achieve the board width.

They are only suitable for internal use.

These pine furniture boards can painted. stained, wax, oiled, dyed or varnished to your taste. 

Not recommended to used for cabinet doors as they can cup if not fastened flat.

        pine Furniture Panels engineered wood save you time and labor while delivering a high-quality product. Cost-effective and consistent, they provide:

Peace of Mind: Will not warp, split or delaminate.

Strength: Designed for greatest fastener retention.

Efficiency: Helps improve yield and reduce waste.

Workability: No special tools or fasteners required. holds screws is good.

Sustainability: Wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

furniture board

Type of furniture board

 1. Particleboard made by pressing wood chips, branches, etc., and its advantage is low cost. The disadvantage is that it contains formaldehyde. a substance harmful to the human body.

    2. MDF is an artificial board made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and made of adhesive. Divided into high density board, medium density board, low density board. The advantage of the MDF is that it is resistant to impact and has high strength. and the disadvantage is that it is poor in water repellency.

 3, The moisture-proof board is the processing technology of particle board. the adhesive changed into a green waterproof environmental protection adhesive. the advantage is better waterproof.

    4. The fireproof board is a decorative board made of a silicon material or a calcium material. mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, binders and chemical additives. and autoclaved. The advantage is that it can be fireproof, and the disadvantage is that The price is high.

 5, Melamine board is to put paper with different color. or texture into the melamine resin adhesive soak. and then dried to a certain degree of solidification. paved on the surface of particle board, MDF, by hot pressing.

   6,plywood cabinet or plywood construction

 It is best to buy materials with good water resistance..... for countertops and low-profile materials.

 furniture  grade   chipboard  

       furniture board is a melamine coated furniture board. that is edge-banded on the two long sides of the board. The chipboard is also available with 1–4 sides edge-banded. The standard colour is classic white to suit the aesthetic. Other colours are available on order.

Wear-resistant melamine guarantees long-lasting shelves and doors

        furniture boardfurniture boards have a wear-resistant melamine coating that guarantees durable. and pleasing furniture body components year after year. Melamine-coated chipboard is easy to machine, which makes the production of furniture fast. and reliable. Besides. it is easy to keep melamine-coated shelves and doors clean. and they are moisture resistant. furniture boardboards manufactured in strength grades P2 and P5.

Clean chipboard won’t damage saw blades

       furniture boardchipboard is mad. home to the only chipboard, by professionals. who ensure a high-quality end product using clean raw materials. Sawmilling industry wood by-products account for 90% of the content of all the boards. 

       Sand and other heavy impurities removed from the raw material. before the chipboard produced. guaranteeing a board that is clean and consistent in quality. High-quality chipboard is easy to machine and won’t damage saw blades. Blades that are in good condition cut board better. and bring savings in equipment maintenance. furniture boards classified in the best finishing material emission class M1.

Advantages of furniture chipboard

finished, coated surface

edge-banded sides

quick and easy to install

easy to keep clean

the strength of the board is constant in every direction

environmentally friendly


furniture chipboard applications

cabinet boxes

kitchen remodel cabinet materials or cabinet construction

kitchen design cabinet box

furniture body components



covering boards

furniture board


furniture board supplier  - Yueshan

      From thin decorative wood fibers wall boards to products suitable for furniture components. Yeushan have decades of experience in producing high quality. cost effective panelling for volume applications. If you are specifying. we'll even help you to get your perfect materials recipe to suit your application.

       Lightweight furniture ply that looks good, cuts and machines without break out. is impact resistant and doesn't add excess weight to your fit-out. This is available in a large range of laminate finishes. both stocked for rapid order turnaround. and non stocked custom manufactured (smallest orders apply).

      Laminated fiberboard mdf furniture panels laminate finishes available. We offer massive decor choice. whilst our five decades of experience and modern high speed production lines. guarantee you value for money and a product that's quality assured under ISO:9001.

      Laminated birch ply panels that have a huge range of laminate finishes available for kitchen designer. bonded to BB/BB face Grade FSC® certified Birch Plywood, giving a panel that is strong. and robust with excellent screw retention properties. Edges can left visible and waxed lacquered or painted and we supply in lengths of up to 3 metres and up to 30mm thick. This product is ideal for furniture and vehicle fit outs where weight is not a concern. 

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