​What is the main melamine particle board furniture designs in our life

- Jul 30, 2019-

what is particleboard made of

Particle board is a piece of hot-pressed wood with some dry wood particles and glue.particle board priceis fair. The particles of good particle board are arranged by electrostatic adsorption. The large particles are located in the core and the small particles are located on both sides of the plate. From this part, the wood particles are thicker in the middle. This structure makes the advantages of particleboard is have good tension and is not easy. weight of the wood chips. Warping and deformation. At present, the particle board is generally covered with a layer of trihydroammonia finishing paper. Because the trimer ammonia surface paper is waterproof and airtight, the particle board is .thin veneers of solid wood. and has good sealing performance, and the volatile matter can only volatilize from this part. Surface, so it is usually necessary to seal the wood chips edge during machining.


particle board vs plywood

What is the particle board advantages and disadvantages

shortcomings: Anything has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages. The shortcoming of particleboard is that it is not easy to cut due to its internal granular structure. It is easy to cause toothing when cutting. Therefore, some parts of the processing equipment are required to be high, which is not suitable for on-site production; the edge of particleboard Rough, it is easy to absorb moisture, as the exposed part of the furniture edge should be treated with corresponding edge sealing to prevent deformation.


What is the particleboard manufacturers main particle board furniture making?

laminate shelves cut to size particleboard shelf furniture

Make bookshelves if you choose solid, real, choose particleboard manufacturing. A shredded wood or other lignocellulose material made of wood or other lignocellulose materials, a wood-based panel made of adhesive under the action of heat and pressure. The advantages are: moisture proof performance is very good, density is high, strength is good. The glue content is small, and the nail holding force is better than that of the density board, because the particleboard for shelves is the main material of the cupboard at present after the natural wood is crushed into particles and pressed into the board. The particle board shelving units disadvantage is that the smoothness of the particle board is not as good as the density board, and can not do radians and shapes. Because of the easy preparation method, the quality difference is very big, it is not easy to distinguish, and the bending resistance and tensile resistance of the particleboard shelves are poor. Although every family is willing to be green and healthy, these things that are obviously compressed are certainly not as good as particleboard shelving .



Melamine particleboard subfloor


Because the cost particleboard flooring price of the particleboard floor is relatively low, if the house is installed, the solid wood board or the paint-free plate board is generally selected, and the relative durability, the moisture resistance, the corrosion resistance and the flatness are all better, and the key is that the environmental protection and the service life are long. The solid wood board is required to be painted, and the paint-free board does not need to be painted. The ground floor, in addition to the use of floor tiles, floors and cement, can also be used directly for shaving. particleboard flooring paving board-4 X 8 ft particleboard flooring installation is convenient, can be used as floor gasket, (PBU) plus wool floor, such a floor strength, strong, sound effect, impact resistance. Can be installed with nails or trench rings, and then carpets, elastic bricks or seamless floor coverings.


particle board price

Standard particleboard core doors

Particle board is the best wood for interior doors.Door center, particle board door box and molding parts-particle board door core is not as easy to warping as solid wood, its thermal insulation and sound resistance help to reduce heat loss and sound wave transmission. The door made of particle board door core material wrapped in PVC or ready to paint is a very economical choice for building a house. Particle board is also a kind of PVC coated indoor molding parts and good substrate for building carpentry.

wood compositeparticle board cabinets

The middle layer of particle board  furniture board is long wood fiber, and the two sides are fine tissue wood fiber, which is pressed into board. The molecular structure is close and the bending strength is high. Because of its strong hardness, strong nailing ability and good transverse load-bearing ability, the particle board is suitable for the connection between the cabinet and the laminate. At present, all the cabinets in Europe and the United States use the particle board, and the well-known particleboard cabinet box in China basically use the  particle board siding. Because the density plate is more uniform, so it is suitable for door board. Some brands make cabinets full of particle boards or density boards, which is unscientific and easy to deform over a long period of time.

Natural wood particleboard table Top

In the case of the kitchen particleboard tables table, the veneer and the fire-proof board are widely used in Europe, which are resistant to dirt, impact, deformation and cracking. The table top of a number of cabinet companies is outsourced, and the general table-top pad is provided with a table top, almost all of which is made of a shaving board, and also has a plastic-steel pad. Which is the board and the artificial stone as the table top of the cabinet? The shaving board, the water-proof property is poor, the edge sealing treatment is needed, the water-proof and moisture-proof is strengthened, the hardness of the artificial stone is relatively high, the daily cutting and cutting shovel can be prevented from being touched, and no water-proof trouble is caused. The standard of the present cabinet is the quartz stone table, hard, wear-resistant, anti-fouling quartzite, and also has good isolation and cleaning effect on the liquid oil stain in the kitchen. The surface of the counter-----the size of the particle board is stable, flat, smooth, no scar or cavity, high impact, easy to face, can be used as the core board of the counter surface, and meets the performance standard of the ANST A 161.2 facing counter.


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