WHAT IS The error area that buys laminated furniture board?

- Apr 18, 2019-

laminated furniture board

 Myth 1: particle board is more environmentally friendly than density board

 Wooden laminated furniture board of type of the board on the market at present with shavings board and medium density board are in the majority, because two kinds of 18mm solid laminated furniture board are mixed into adhesive to make after grinding by forest processing, and of glue how many decided its chemical composition how many, namely its environmental protection degree. The reporter understands most consumer pays close attention to these two kinds of board which one kind is more environmental protection. Therefore, many salesmen often mislead consumers when promoting their laminatde plywood products. In the interview, a furniture salesperson says to the reporter when introducing a product: "our board is the solid wood particleboard of northeast completely, you see, how old is this grain, the glue that use is little, with those density board that glue sticks can same? Much more environmentally friendly than their density boards!" " Is that really the case? The expert of Chinese bamboo furniture association tells a reporter: "eligible, the density board that reachs national standard namely and the environmental protection degree of particleboard is same, do not exist the view of which one kind of more environmental protection."

WHAT IS The error area that buys laminated furniture board?

 At ordinary times so - called density board points to medium density board more, also call medium density fiberboard. It is to use lumber or plant fiber to pass mechanical separation and chemical treatment, mix in adhesive and waterproof agent, via the shop again outfit, model and a kind of man-made board that high temperature, high pressure presses into, its density is more even, mechanical property is close to lumber, it is a kind of man-made board that is more popular on international at present. The difference between particle board and density board is: the raw material of particle board is not completely crushed into fiber, but crushed into granule, which is commonly known as particle, and then add glue pressed together; And density board is to grind woodiness raw material completely fibrous shape rejoin glue to press and become. The density of chipboard and medium density fiberboard are close, but because chipboard is by chipboard material join adhesive to press and become, so its density is not even, among low, two end are tall, because this its grip force is inferior to medium density fiberboard. And the surface of medium density board is more exquisite, flatness is higher than particleboard. However, particle board compared to the medium density board in terms of moisture absorption and moisture better, and the price is relatively low. Accordingly, can say eligible medium density board and particleboard are each to have strong point only on the function, without which more environmental protection say.

 Myth 2: solid wood particle board is a new type of environmental protection product

 Because apply the board type furniture that did not achieve national level since all the time density board, particleboard caused numerous and indoor pollution case, bring about reputation of these two kinds of board not quite good, accordingly, a lot of sales personnel gave new name to these two kinds of board, misdirect consumer. The commonest name is to call medium density board particle board, call particleboard particle board. Some sales staff will put "real wood" in front of them to show that they are "natural, environmentally friendly" products. A salesman in xianghe furniture city near Beijing told the reporter: "we use our company to develop new products, natural solid wood particle board, absolutely environmental protection." When consumer cross-examines the distinction of real wood grain board and real wood carefully, sales personnel is evasive, do not admit their true identity dead: "real wood grain board is the grain of real wood presses, with real wood affirmation is to have distinction, bai of board type furniture! But, you see this price, an environmental protection thing, solid wood furniture can be so cheap?" If consumer rambles all the way down, come across 7 or 8 sale personnel to say so, can not dizzy!

18mm solid laminatde plywood

 Myth 3: a joinery board is a solid board

 Joinery board calls big core board again, cut log into a strip, joining together becomes core, outside facing material is machined and become. Because main material is real wood, so a lot of salesperson can introduce saying is environmental protection board, it is the man-made board that contains adhesive like big core board in fact.

 Myth four: three polyurethane plate is the density sheet!

 In the interview, the reporter found that many sales staff in the introduction of their products will tell you that they are using the tripolyurethane plate, when the reporter further asked what is the tripolyurethane plate plate was told: "tripolyurethane plate is the medium density plate. And consumer is below the misdirect of salesperson, also think commonly 3 get together hydrogen ammonia board is medium density board, conversely, medium density board is 3 get together hydrogen ammonia board. In fact, this kind of plate is printed with color or imitation wood grain paper, soaked in melamine transparent resin, paste on the surface of the substrate hot-pressed forming. After curing, the surface of melamine resin has better wear resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties, and has certain open flame resistance. Do the board that face with this kind of material to call 3 get together hydrogen ammonia board, and base material each different, medium density board, particleboard can make it 3 get together hydrogen ammonia board. !

 Article Summary: About The error area that buys laminated furniture board introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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