What is the difference between MDF board and Moisture Resistant MDF?

- Jul 23, 2019-

What is moisture resistant MDF?

      What is waterproof mdf? MR MDF is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions . so is ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture. window and skirting boards and architectural mouldings.

     mr MDF Boards are particularly suitable for construction applications that need panels . with high load bearing capacity and moisture resistance. and for a wide range of interior applications. The product is suitable for further processing and painting. Boards produced with green-colored fiber as standard.

       Like standard MDF, Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF differs in that. it designed to work well in interior applications where moisture is a concern. MR is a unique moisture resistant panel. which can used in a greater variety of applications than standard MDF. 

       MR MDF engineered to resist elevated moisture and humidity. With the same physical characteristics and workability as premium panels. MR meets the thickness swell. and bond integrity criteria required for the MR 50 designation. moisture resistant MDF can used for sink bases, dishwasher enclosures, laboratories, laundry areas. or in any area where moisture or high humidity are factors.

       mdf moisture resistant used as a substitute for softwoods. and hardwoods and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. It used for kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture. architectural mouldings, skirting boards, architraves, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery. MR MDF is suitable for interior humid conditions and manufactured under EN 622-5. Medite MR is not suitable for external applications. Medite MR must sealed, primed and painted on all surfaces before installation. especially when placed next to damp plaster. Boards of this type are suitable for use in Hazard Class 1. and 2 environments of EN 335-3 provided an appropriate coating system used.

mdf mr Advantages 

mdf water resistant effect good

         The m d f board  waterproof effect of the moisture-proof board is much better than. that of the ordinary board on the market. After testing, resistant mr MDF board waterproof effect is very good. the general board will expand when it meets water. and the expansion rate determined according to the material of the board. The waterproof sheet placed in the water to ensure no deformation or bending for ten hours.


       The moisture resistant mdf sheet materials board belongs to a kind of wood-based board. In recent years, the national environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. The national mandatory standard GB18580-2017 

      the amount of formaldehyde released in the interior decoration materials. and its products" promulgated. and the formaldehyde emission limit of the sheet put forward. Further requirements, the current moisture-proof board standards are E1 grade. and the environmental performance is excellent. so moisture resistant mdf is safe in environmental

deformation resistance

      The physical properties of the Moisture Resistant Mdf  wood products are stable. Moisture Resistant Mdf is resistance deformation. Although the moisture-proof board incorporates a certain proportion of moisture-proofing agent. the amount of the moisture resistant mdf agent is generally calculated. and mdf waterproof anti-deformation ability is not affected.

       to make the waterproof performance of the board better. some unscrupulous merchants will add excessive waterproof agents. and their resistance to deformation will also affected. If the amount added, the sheet's resistance to deformation is good.

cost effective

       Compared with anti-Bite boards and quality woods boards. the price of waterproof mdf board is  cost effective . This is the main reason why many friends like to use moisture-proof boards.

Clean Easy

       For the bathroom anti-separator. it is also a very important performance for cleaning dirt. If our bathroom moisture-proof board material is not easy to clean. it will not only affect the visual effect of our bathroom moisture-proof board. but also breed bacteria. so mr mdf clean easy is good.

waterproof mdf board feature

      water resistant mdf  used as a substitute for softwoods. and hardwoods and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. It used for kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings. skirting boards, architraves, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery. 

      mdf mr is suitable for interior humid conditions and manufactured under EN 622-5. water proof mdf   is not suitable for external applications. mdf board moisture-resistant must sealed, primed and painted on all surfaces before installation. especially when placed next to damp plaster. waterproof mdf this type are suitable for use in Hazard Class 1. and 2 environments of EN 335-3 provided an appropriate coating system used.

      The test methods used for moisture resistant mdf water resistant . includes a specialized cyclic test (EN 321) in which test pieces. after conditioning, immersed in water at 20°C for 72 hours, frozen in air at -12°C for 24 hours. and heated in an air-circulated oven at 70°C for 72 hours. This cycle carried out three times, followed by post conditioning and physical testing. according to EN 622 test methods. moisture proof mdf accepted in the UK by the NHBC for use in suitable applications.

      The moisture content of waterproof mdf is in the range of 7% +/- 2% at the time of manufacture. Changes in dimensions of wood and wood-based sheet materials occur due to changes. in relative humidity. For this reason, MR panels should conditioned to the final environment. for two to three days before cutting and fixing.

      Machining/finishing  Cut or profiled edges of MR should first sanded with 150-240 grit. before painting. The recommended coating system for the edges is to seal, prime. and topcoat with de-nibbing between coats to produce a smooth finish. The desired mdf panel board finish on the face can achieved by application of a base-coat and top-coat. If water-based coatings used, it is important that forced drying. or quick-drying systems applied to maintain surface quality.

Waterproof Mdf Sheet Buying Tips

       Pay attention to the environmental protection when buy waterproof mdf. physicality and moisture resistance of moisture-proof panels when purchasing moisture-proof panels. It is necessary for the manufacturer to provide a detailed report on the physical. and chemical indicators of the moisture-proof board to see if its materials. and environmental performance meet the standards. It is a important buying tips.

        When the regular manufacturers make the moisture-proof board. they will make a detailed water proof mdf description of the materials. used in the board and the production. It recommended that the consumers combine the product inspection report. and the sign on the wrench before buying the moisture-proof board to see if the use is The melamine glue. the general test report included in the sliding doors product manual.

MDF board

What is MDF

         What does waterproof MDF decorative mouldings mean? MDF buliding material for furniture. is very simple in the finishing process. Most of the paints can processing to the MDF wood products. The mdf woodeffect is very good. It is the preferred panel for those who want to chase the paint effect.

      Medium-density fiberboard.  wood content MDF has no knots, grain. or warping, and its smooth surface gives way to the saw, leaving no splinters, burns, or tear-outs. For light carpentry projects, such as shelving and trim, MDF can be excellent.

 MDF—rivals the affordability and versatility of plywood and similar recycled content engineered wood products. In certain situations, MDF even trumps all the others, because it’s so easy to work with. Unlike real wood, 

       MDF starts as sawdust and shavings. all the little bits and pieces of wood that created as a byproduct of industrial milling. Once dehydrated, those wood fibers are then mixed with resin and wax and formed into panels. Under high heat and intense pressure, those panels compressed and become rigid. with a hard shell. 

      In the final stage of manufacturing, giant machines sand the panels down. giving them a silky smooth finish before cutting them to fixed dimensions.

         Working with MDF is the same as working with real wood. You don’t need any new skills or special tools. In fact, you are likely to find that. compared with sawing and attempting detail work with solid lumber. MDF is much more pliant. For smaller projects, such as bookcases or cabinetry. its surface accepts paint well and also provides a welcoming base for a thin veneer layer.

mdf board Advantages

MDF wood processing simple

mdf  interior applications beautiful 

        mdf board is a very beautiful decorative sheet for interior application. and all kinds of veneer, adhesive film, veneer, and light metal sheet light. can glued to the MDF board door furniture to make it look more beautiful. Thus, it is very popular among everyone in home decoration.

mdf panel formaldehyde free

        The material of the real wood MDF panel is uniform. there is no dehydration, added formaldehyde free.  and the free adhesive nail holding power is quite good.

melamine mdf surface smooth

        The appearance of treated timber melamine MDF surface is smooth and flat. the material is fine, the performance is stable. the shape is simple, there is no such phenomenon as decay and insects. and it is quite excellent in bending resistance and impact resistance. It is superior to the used solid wood furniture in appearance decoration.

mdf wood boards

mdf sheet disadvantage

mdf poor moisture resistance

        MDF has an obvious disadvantage that it is poor in moisture resistance. It is prone to bloating when it encounters water. 

mdf panel deformation  in water

        Withstand moisture MDF panel is easy to primary expansion. and deformation when it is in contact with water. If it loaded for a long time, it is easier to deform than solid wood particleboard. But, if the MDF screwed. it is not easy to loosen, and it is easier to fix it

Buy mediumdensity fiberboard MDF tips

1, one of the mdf buying tips: The thickness and density of the appearance can checked to see if it is uniform, and the corners have damage. delamination, bulging and carbonization safety data.

2, when buy mediumdensity fiberboard. you can also check its waterproof performance, can cut a piece of MDF and place it in water at 20 ° C for about 20 hours. see if there is a small drum kit on the lower panel. if the thickness of the board changes , the panel snorkel More. it means that the waterproof performance of the panel is poor.

3, Because veneered MDF is an artificial board. it will produce certain formaldehyde during the production process. We can smell the smell of MDF. If the irritating odor of veneered  MDF moisture is large. it indicates that the formaldehyde content is high. Thehumidity area pollution of the home environment is also large.

water proof med

mdf water proof buying tips

       Medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers.  moisture resistant mdf combined with wax. and resin binders under pressure and high temperature. Denser than plywood but easy to shape, sand, machine and finish. mr MDF  density fiberboard  may glued, dowelled or laminated

        When purchasing our  high quality  density fiberboard mdf furniture. or  fire resistant formaldehydefree adhesive   mdf products. it is better to check the  physical characteristics data sheets the fire rated mdf board manufacturers gives you. home depot can provede . we usually have a certain understanding of theelevated moisture panels. At present,   mr mdf are many kinds of waterproof mdf panels on the market. As a kind of  high moisture medium density MDF wood edge banding. which is currently home production. What is the difference between the MDF board and the Moisture Resistant MDF sheet? what is the  minimum order? 

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