What is the difference between blockboard and melamine faced veneer?

- Apr 26, 2019-


What Is A Melamine Blockboard?


Melamine Blockboard known as a large core board . which made up of two pieces of veneer center glued to splicing wood. In the middle of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood strips, with thin veneers on both sides. It is an essential wood product for wall decoration. top decoration and fine wood decoration in home decoration. The price of this board is cheaper than that of the splint. and the vertical bending resistance

(different from the core material direction) is poor in bending strength. but the lateral bending resistance is high.

Melamine bliockboard use in kitchen

What Is An Melmiane Faced Board?


Melmiane faced boards, which can also called paint-free boards or melamine boards. are currently called melmiane faced boards. Its production principle is to put paper with different colors or textures into the eco-resin adhesive to soak. wait for a period of soaking, dry to a certain degree of curing, and spread it on

 particleboard, plywood, blockboard

A decorative board formed by hot pressing on the surface of a hard-proof board or other hard fiber board.


The Difference Between Blockboard And Melamine Faced Board:


1, The difference between raw materials.


The melmiane faced board is a veneer decorative sheet made of: sheetboard,

throwing board, MDF and other materials, and then coated with a layer of melamine veneer. This is also the main link between the melmiane faced board and the blockboard. The blockboard is a building board which made by pressing.  and pressing two upper and lower sheets and a core sheet. In the production and processing, the raw materials can utilized to the utmost extent. and the processing, cutting and binding effects performed well. In the above use, the melmiane faced board can put into use as a paint-free board. but the blockboard needs to decorated and decorated in advance.


2, The difference in use


Blockboard can also used as a wardrobe. use a blockboard to make a wardrobe. You must make a veneer and apply some paint. The formaldehyde produced is very harmful to life. It also includes high material costs, labor costs, and a lot of time. Thus, make a children's wardrobe to choose a paint-free melmiane faced board. The main difference between blockboard. and melmiane faced board is that there is no veneer. It is difficult to say which is better for melmiane faced board and blockboard. so everyone can see where they are buying the sheets and make the best choice.


3, The difference in price


The market price of the melmiane faced board is about 80 yuan to 160 yuan,

the quality is about 40 yuan to 70 yuan, and the E1 level melmiane faced board price is between 80 yuan and 220 yuan. The E0 level will be more expensive. some. The fine board based on the fir machine. The price of the materials of poplar and paulownia will be low. The price of wood board in the market is between 50 yuan and 150 yuan.


4, The difference between the nail holding power


Blockboard and melmiane faced board have similar nail holding power. but at present. the quality of blockboard makes consumers worry. and the quality of the blockboard space is too large, resulting in almost no nail holding force. It is easy to deform.

Melamine laminated blockboard sheets


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