What is eucalyptus melamine plywood?

- Apr 11, 2019-

Laminated plywood is one of the used materials for furniture

 processing enterprises, and it is a kind of wood-based board. A 

group of veneers are usually laminated with a vertical assembly of 

the adjacent layers in the direction of the wood grain. Melamine

 plywood arranged on either side of the center layer or core. The slab is and interlaced by the veneered veneer in the direction of wood grain. The melamine plywood is one of the used materials for furniture processing enterprises, and is a kind of artificial board. Then let me take a look at the knowledge of the eucalyptus melamine faced plywood.

eucalyptus melamine plywood

First, the definition of eucalyptus melamine plywood

The multilayer board was originally published in three manufacturing methods: Clearance Hole, Build Up, and PTH. Since the clearance hole method is laborious in manufacturing and is limited in density, which has not been put to practical use. The method of layering is complicated by the manufacturing method, and although it has the advantage of high density, it is not as urgent as the demand for high density, and it has been unknown. Recently, the demand for high-density circuit boards has soared, and it has once again become the focus of research and development of various manufacturers. As for the PTH method of the same process as the double panel, it is still the mainstream manufacturing method of the multilayer board.

Second, the basic introduction of eucalyptus melamine plywood

The melamine plywood is a three-layer or multi-layered sheet material which is formed by cutting a wooden section into a single board or by cutting into a thin wood , and then bonding with an adhesive, usually using an odd number of veneers and making adjacent layers. The fiber directions of the veneers are glued perpendicularly to each other. Melamine plywood, also called plywood, are one of the commonly used materials for furniture. Typically, the plywood and inner ply are symmetrically disposed on either side of the center or core. Plywood can improve wood utilization and is a major way to save wood.

eucalyptus melamine ply veneer sheet

Third, the beech wood melamine plywood production process

The manufacturing method of the melamine plywood is generally performed by the inner layer pattern, and then formed into a single-sided or double-sided substrate by printing etching, and is incorporated into a specified layer, and then heated, pressed and bonded, as for the subsequent drilling. The hole is the same as the plated through hole method of the double panel. These basic methods of production have not changed much from the methods of the 1960s, but they are more mature with materials and process technologies (such as: press-bonding technology, solution to mold, and film improvement). The characteristics of the multilayer board are more diverse.


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