What is double sided melamine board? What is it suitable for?

- Apr 17, 2019-


 What Is Double Sided Melamine Board?

 double sided melamine plywood is a sheet of hot pressed melamine panels. with some dry wood pellets and glue. The particles of a good double sided melamine board arranged by electrostatic adsorption. The large particles are in the core part of the melamine plywood sheets. The small particles are on both sides of the plate. From the section, the wood particles are thicker in the middle. This structure makes the double sided melamine board have a good tension and is not easy. Warp deformation.


 At present. the double sided melamine board is generally covered. with a layer of tri-hydrogen ammonia finishing paper. Since the trimeric hydrogen ammonia facing paper is waterproof and airtight. the double sided melamine board has good sealing property. and the volatile substances can only volatilized from the section. Face, so it is generally necessary to carry out edge sealing during processing.


 The advantages and disadvantages of double sided melamine board and processing technology. and materials have a very big relationship, so the selection of a good brand is very important. and the current domestic brand concentration is very high. only a few brands are often selected and quality is also passed.

What is double sided melamine board?


What Are The Characteristics Of The Double Sided Melamine Board And What Is Suitable For It?


 At present, the double sided melamine board used in the market is a product. after the hydrogen hydride finish. In view of its superiority in environmental protection. it is also recommended that you choose this double-faced double sided melamine board.



 Now the double sided melamine board can used in a large amount of furniture thanks to the progress of furniture processing equipment. and hardware. The nail holding force for the double sided melamine board is not strong. There is a special three-in-one hardware, which embedded in the board with equipment.


 It is easy to deform and warp against too much double sided melamine board. and there is a double sided melamine board straightener. which embedded in the back of the board (usually used for large furniture doors). which can prevent warpage.

melamine faced furniture board

Application Of Double Sided Melamine Board In Furniture Assembly


 It is easy to release harmful substances on the end of the double sided melamine board. there is a hot-press banding machine, and so on. the use of double sided melamine board to make furniture . and other products is completely infeasible by manual operation. It is a wise choice to buy products from furniture factories. that use professional equipment.


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