What are the reasons for the quality of melamine finish?

- Jul 29, 2019-


What is melamine finish meaning?


The paper with different colors grain pattern. or wide selection of textures soaked in overlay melamine hard resin adhesive. then dried to a certain degree of curing. and then spread on the surface of particle board, medium density fiberboard. or rigid fiberboard wood substrate. which made of hot pressing. Melamine is an organic compound Composite materials. that forms durable thermosetting plastic when combined with formaldehyde. The plastic is then added to the paper. base to form a Melamine laminate material covering a variety of materials. and household goods. Often used in custom melamine wood office furniture. panel furniture door veneer surfaces and cabinets veneer surfaces.


melamine panels

How is melamine paper for mdf made


The production process of the melamine laminates medium density fiberboard(particle board). of melamine-impregnated paper is as follows:


Preparation of wood substrate base materials→paneldedusting→blanking→hotpressing→trimming→inspection→storage.


To ensure the quality of melamine finish on wood impregnated film paper. it is necessary to try high quality decorative melamine paper sheets. No matter what kind of paper you should test, you can use it. If it is not up to standard, it will not be able to enter the production line. when dipping. the process should operated according to the technological requirements. sampling every 39 minutes to ensure that the technical requirements are 130% ≤ 150%.  the volatile content is 6% ≤ 7%, and the irrelevance is ≤ 65%. The dry film paper should wrapped in plastic film immediately. and sealed with rubber strip. Stored in the warehouse with air temperature of 25 °C ~ 25 °C and humidity of 55% ≤ 65%. installed in the air conditioning warehouse. the melamine paper should sealed immediately and sent to the warehouse for storage. so on prevent the hygroscopicity of the paper from gluing together and unable to use it. resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Also, damage should avoided during the movement of melamine paper sheets. if the melamine surface of the billet found to be unclean, it should cleaned in time. the woos substrate should checked during high pressure laminate.


Quality determine factor of melamine finish for wood

 melamine finish on wood

wood substrate definition and quality


The used medium density fiberboard and particle board should purchased.  according to the different requirements of customers. but the particle board veneer substrate. must meet the requirements of GB / T4897 / 92 first-class products.


1) the solid wood substrate is smooth and clean, and no water and oil allowed. The effective size must be free of slippage or crushing defects;


2) The veneer layer thickness deviation of the plate does not exceed ±0.2mm. the grinding is uniform and sand leakage common substrate questions is not allowed;


3) the water content of the plate should controlled in the range of 6% to 10%. Because the particle board is veneer glue outsourced. the change of environment will lead to the change of water content of the wide solid substrates. If the moisture content is low or the volatile content of impregnated paper is low. cardboard delamination may occur during hot pressing. So, it is necessary to observe good veneering substrate. and remove unqualified substrate at any time in the production process.


melamine laminated board process


After the substrate selection centered, it enters the melamine laminated sheets process. In the operation of the blank. the impregnated paper should be completely covered on the surface of the substrate. and the centerline of the slab should coincide with the centerline of the press. to ensure the position of the slab after entering the press. Avoid template contamination caused by slab displacement.


The three elements of Melamine resin low pressure laminate quality. control hot pressing process (hot pressing temperature. hot pressing pressure, hot pressing time) are interdependent. and constrained, and need to analyzed and adjusted during the process change process. These three factors have different effects on the board. The hot pressing temperature catalyzes the chemical reaction of the impregnating resin. that is, accelerates the curing. According to the actual production requirements and production experience. the hot plate temperature is 170 ° C ~ 200 ° C, the plate surface pressure is 2.0 ~ 3.0 MPa, the hot pressing time is 25 ~ 50s. the hot pressing curve is the cross section. The pressure is more appropriate. Depending on the color and quality of the paper. the temperature and time can adjusted . Dark wood chips paper is easy to use in low temperature and long time processes. The general temperature is 170 ° C ~ 180 ° C, the pressure exceeds 40 s. Light-colored paper should processed in a high-pressure short-time process. At the same time. the appearance quality of the solid wood. should checked at all times to prevent paper dust, insects, fingerprints. and other contaminated cardboard. Proper hot pressing pressure ensures good adhesion between the substrate.  and the laminate product. At a suitable temperature and pressure. the resin in the melamine paper melts and solidifies to form a closed. and dense surface . that makes the natural wood grains surface of the substrate microscopic. The pores are full. In general.  lower pressures should used as much as possible. without affecting the quality of the decorative layer melamine. which contributes to the service life of the equipment. hydraulic oil and internal structure of the substrate. but the low pressure affects the adhesion of the veneer selection. to the attractive finish impregnated paper. Strength and resin flow capacity. in actual production.  the unit pressure of the hot plate should adjusted to accommodate.  the novelty of the Melamine laminates substrate. and the melamine laminate sheet melamine finish furniture.

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