What are the national standards for melamine sheets?

- Jul 27, 2019-

       Have you ever encountered a high price to buy Melamine resin Engineered wood furniture that has just entered the house and is pungent? It took a few years to crack and deform. I thought that when you pass the family treasure, you are still young, but it is scrapped?

       Today, we will talk about the national standards and industry standards for panels, understand the standards, avoid being easily fooled when buying furniture and be an insider who understands melamine wood texture furniture.

       We all know that furniture is made of melamine panels, which is divided into logs and wood-based panels. The so-called log board, as the name suggests, refers to the board that has been processed into a certain size according to a certain Specification, and the wood-based board refers to a series of processes in which logs are processed into shavings, fibers, veneers, and then through the assembly of cement. Become Hardboard particleboard, Hardwood fiberboard, plywood board.

       From production to sales, panels also Follow a range of standards. panels need to follow a lot of national standards, and interested friends can study it on their own. Today we will discuss some of the standards that are especially important for our purchase of sheet furniture.


melamine sheets

First, the standard melamine panels moisture content standard.


     The content of the board is too high or too low compared to the average moisture content of the Area, it will cause cracking and deformation of the furniture and shorten the service life of the furniture.

     The wood logs for furniture need to be dried, and the moisture content of the wood should be 8% to +1% of the annual average wood moisture content of the area where the products are located.

Although the moisture content of the board needs to be accurately measured by professional instruments, if the appearance is checked only, the moisture content of the wood can be described as 'the fairy is difficult to distinguish'.

      In fact, there are some tips that Generally, the characteristics of dry wood are obvious: the weight of the wood is obviously reduced compared with the undried wood, the hand feels warm, the beat is crisp, the squeaking Sounds when the planer is pushed, the shavings are hot, and the surface is light. The wood with high water content is heavier, feels cold, does not be brittle when pushing the plane, and even the shavings, the wood can not be used.


Let's take a look at the melamine wood panels in various moisture conditions:


1, the water content is too high

      We can clearly see that the panel with too high moisture content has cracked and cracked, and such panels basically unusable.

2, the moisture content is too low


    Panels with too low moisture content are clearly cracked, and good panels are so wasteful.


3. panels with normal moisture content


     Panels with normal moisture content are normal in color and have no cracking deformation.


melamine wood panel

Second, formaldehyde release limit standard


       When the production of wood-based panels and the production of furniture through panels, it is necessary to size. At present, the most widely used adhesives in China are urea-formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin glue, which many people may never have heard of But you must have heard of the important ingredients of these two kinds of glue - formaldehyde, its pungent smell, huge harm must impress you.


      The formaldehyde emission limit of artificial decoration panels and their products (GB18580-2017), which was officially implemented on May 1, 2018, has new regulations on the formaldehyde emission of the board: E2 is eliminated, only E1 is retained. The level of The formaldehyde emission limit is 0.124mg/m?.


      Therefore, when wooden doors, when buying wood-based panel furniture, you must polish your eyes and carefully check the product identification and certificate. Products with incomplete or non-certified certificates are best not to be purchased. Beware of counterfeit and shoddy products, Fundamentally reduce formaldehyde.

Of course, everyone does not need to be overly afraid. We will carry out certain ventilation treatments for the newly purchased furniture, and put the furniture in a ventilated environment for a period of time, which can also effectively reduce the number of formaldehyde emissions.


Third, the flame retardant standard of the melamine board.


      Because the board is easy to catch fire because of its own nature, what kind of board is in line with the standard? What level of flame retardant performance does China's furniture sheet have? Combustion performance requirements and markings for fire-retardant products and components in public places (GB20286-2006) are stipulated for public furniture panels: at least level 2 of flame retardant. As for the flame retardancy of other furniture sheets, it should be determined according to the specific use place and use requirements of the board.


      If we buy furniture, there are certain requirements for the flame retardant properties of the board. If you buy the flame retardant sheet that meets the requirements, you must negotiate with the merchant.


melamine engineer wood board

Fourth, the melamine sheets anti-corrosion standard


        Many panels have been infested by insects after a period of time, and they have begun to decay slowly, which has shortened the service life of the furniture. For the reason, we can set standards from the production to delay the decay time of the panels. GB 22280-2008 "Code for the Production of Anti-corrosion Wood" has made standards for wood anti-corrosion from the source of production and specifically stated the standards for pre-preparation, production process, and control of panel anti-corrosion.    

       When purchasing anti-corrosion treated boards, the anti-corrosion board should be accompanied by the product quality certificate. The certificate should be written with the product name, tree species, specifications, preservative name, use classification code, manufacturer name, production date. And the inspector's inspection or numbering, etc. By fully understanding the information on the board, you can effectively avoid being deceived.


Fifth, the appearance inspection of the melamine faced board


        When buying sheet furniture, the most intuitive thing we can see is the appearance of the board. We can look at the color of the board and so on. Regarding the appearance inspection of sheet furniture, the country also has a set of standards. The standard for visual inspection is clearly defined in the GB/T3324-2008 standard for general technical conditions of wooden furniture: firstly, decolorization and color drop inspection can be carried out.   

The surface was repeatedly rubbed 3 times with a skim white gauze to see if there was any color on the gauze that was dropped on the panel. Secondly, other appearance inspections can be performed under natural light.


       Through careful inspection of the appearance of the board, we can find some appearance defects of the board, such as knots, decay, cracks, and also can find the finishing defects of the board, discoloration and so on.

Melamine laminated sheets RFQ:

How thick is the standard melamine board?

        Actually, its thickness is range from 3mm to 35mm.

What is the difference between MDF and melamine board?

       Actually, they are the same, but the melamine panel contains the MDF board.

How big is a sheet of melamine wood panel?

      In fact, a sheet of melamine wood panel specification is 1220*2440mm.

What is a melamine laminate wood board?

       It means putting a melamine paper into the glue, then use the machine to press it into the faced of the wood panel. 

Article Summary:

       What are the national standards for melamine sheets? Introduced here.  For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com.

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