What are the melamine board colors and how to select furniture boards

- Aug 02, 2019-

melamine board colors

        Solid wood furniture  has the texture of the previous trees. and then the surface  decorated with varnish, and each family  has its own color type of grain. The color of solid wood furniture is  black melamine board and white furniture board. The shape of the plate is  formed by the surface of the plate. 

        There are a variety of colors, and the furniture board pine colors of wood are also varied. There are also many light colors. each panel furniture has about 20 colors, each color is inconsistent. It still depends on which one you choose. The color of modern veneer furniture is very different from that of the past. Compromise modern panel furniture also has a dark purple, brown and beige film feel. also to the previous mild and neutral colors. Bright orange, eye-catching sky blue, plus white, blue-gray, cheese color. so that furniture board white  reflects its rich and colorful colors. for panel furniture users to add a variety of life colors. Rich and colorful new visual experience

furniture board Pros and cons 

- The raw material of mdf board furniture is wood-based panel. with melamine sheet wood leftovers as the main material.

- The parts of wood chips furniture are  connected with metal hardware. and it is convenient to assemble and disassemble. For furniture board oak with high precision.  furniture board mdf can  disassembled and installed for many times to ease transportation.

-because furniture board types use is to stick a face. the change of color and quality of a material can give a person a kind of different feeling. also have a variety of change on appearance melamine shelving design. can make the modelling that a real wood cannot finish.

furniture board cut to size in the price aspect, the black melamine sheets is quite high to the log use rate. so the melamine sheets prices will be more expensive. and what the board type furniture  use  is the lumber margin material. has protected the limited natural resources in the invisible.

types of wood boards

melamine board features

-the texture of solid wood is elegant. The new Chinese furniture uses the material  exquisite. often makes full use of the original texture characteristic.  excavates the natural beauty of the wood itself. Even the use of panel furniture, can also produce soft processing. excellent combination and easy characteristics. 

-uniform proportion and reasonable melamine plywood sheets structure. Strict proportional relationship is the basis of furniture modeling. Typical new Chinese furniture is very symmetrical, proportional to the whole, pattern.  and knot composition. Like chairs, tables, its upper and bottom furniture. chairs, faces, chair back discretion, brain, length, width, almost impeccable. functional requirements, no redundant behavior. 

-Design science, the structural design furniture board walnu of  made new Chinese furniture. the perfect combination of science and design. Besides to the concise and smooth lines. besides to the simple modeling of the new Chinese style of furniture. you can also choose simple Ming. and Qing classic furniture. or modern furniture to mix, there will also  unexpected results.

laminated furniture board

 furniture board cut to size selection

-Look at the wood grain on the furniture board mdf. some furniture board material surface will appear wood grain uneven, but to  look. whether to use steel wire brush hard brush out, whether to fail the log grain. There is always an unnatural feeling in the  imitated hardwood grain. New Chinese furniture board furniture new Chinese style

-Take a look at the furniture board beech legs and pay attention to the signs of the furniture legs.  to see if the legs  faded, affected by humidity and humming by water, especially in wet places in the south. furniture is generally placed in wet places. and time becomes easy to appear above the environment. 

-Look at the furniture board cabinets sculpture from the above furniture sculpture identified. heavy furniture carving and carving level above the survey, furniture before the production.  the requirements of carving  loose. carvings cutting melamine board craftsman mentality is quite calm.  carved, natural fruit taste.

melamine board colors

melamine board colors prices

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cheap melamine board colors

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