What are the characteristics and shortcomings of the overall wardrobe using particleboard?

- Apr 18, 2019-

The Characteristics And Use Of Particle Board


1, Concept


 Melamine Particleboard is a natural wood that pulverized into a pellet and then pressed. Because its profile resembles a honeycomb, it called a particleboard.

2, Characteristics


The particle board insulated and absorbs sound. Because the method is easy to make. the quality is very different to distinguish, the bending resistance and tensile strength are poor. and the density is loose .


3. Use


used for insulation, sound absorption or ceiling, making ordinary furniture. At present, many manufacturers produce furniture using particleboard. which is also the main material of cabinets. The surface of the particleboard is often pressed on both sides with a trimeric hydrogen ammonia finish. After being edge-sealed, it has the same appearance as the MDF. It assembled with a special connector and is detachable.

melamine particle board


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Particleboard Making Wardrobes?


1. Process: Also known as solid wood particle board.  it processed into small specifications by using small-diameter wood. and wood processing residual materials

(such as board skin, truncated head, wood chip, shavings, sawing, etc.),

harvesting residues or other plant materials. After scraping or shavings, and applying an adhesive,

the paved and hot pressed sheet is also a particle board.


2, Characteristics:

 mixed wood, low cost, while saving resources, improve wood use; large sheet size. can processed into large panel parts according to the demand. uniform structure, vertical and horizontal. easy to mechanical processing; No need to dry, easy to store.


3. Disadvantages: The flat tensile strength is low, which causes the sheet to break . The middle part of the sheet is prone to deformation;

the internal particles are large,

the water absorption thickness is high,

which leads to easy deformation after moisture absorption;

the grain structure leads to rough edges and the edges are easy to fall off;

The gap between the core material particles is large,

the internal structure of the plate is “tight at both ends, loose in the middle”,

and it is not conducive to processing; the nail holding force is poor, . and the furniture made with particleboard is not suitable for secondary .


In short, the whole wardrobe made of particleboard has advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can choose according to their personal consumption ability.  and preferences to ensure that the whole wardrobe they buy is suitable for the decoration of their own living room. and To a certain extent, it can show the personality characteristics.



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