What are the advantages of using MDF panels for doors?

- Apr 24, 2019-

   The Melamine MDF panel is double-sided molded, and the core of the core is empty, with a single style and low grade. The two made of two extruded "high-density sheets",

the core material made of honeycomb paper and keel,

and the frame material is finger-joined loose wood. reduced use of solid wood materials great advantages weight and environmental protection.

melamine MDF panel


Characteristics Of The MDF


    The mold has a beautiful shape and is not deformed compared with the solid wood door, and will not crack. It is suitable as a fuel mixing door and has a low price. Since the molded door made of two MDFs, it usually contains a certain amount of formaldehyde.


How To Choose A MDF?


      At present, there are two high and low price positions in the molded door market. The high-priced door adopts the imported molded door panel. The low-priced door adopts the domestic door panel. The imported molded sheet has much higher precision in the door panel strength. surface imitation oak texture than the domestic molded sheet. But it is not the key factor determining the quality of a molded door. Molded doors do not must a nail,

and the glue used to bond the press is the top priority for determining the quality of a door. Molded door panels have certain limitations and are rare in height, width and style.



melamine mdf use in bedroom

 The Processing Of Complete Sets Of Doors And Windows With Medium Density Board As The Substrate Is Welcomed.


At present, it is often used in home decoration to make or buy ready-made doors on the spot. For the door made on the spot, regardless of the grade, the price is expensive,

there is a common shortcoming: that is, the manual work and painting work on site cannot  separated. The harmful source of pollution on the renovation site is the paint process of wood products.


    The paint contains more or less toxic gas such as benzene,

and the large core board of the door made of the door has a higher formaldehyde emission,

and the two toxic gases  fused together, which is harmful to the human body. Coupled with the inaccuracy of manual manufacturing, the phenomenon of poor opening or loosening of the door panel will occur . Some professional wood processing companies have introduced door sleeve products  as the shortcomings.


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