What are the advantages of melamine faced plywood?

- Apr 17, 2019-

not know too much about plywood. Here are some details about the advantages of decorative plywood and the buy skills.


What Is Plywood?


It is a three-layer or multi-layered plate-like material. that cut into veneers by wood or cut into thin wood and then glued with adhesive. An odd number of veneers are usually used. and the fiber directions of the adjacent veneers glued to each other. Plywood is one of the used materials for furniture and is a wood-based panel. A set of veneers are usually glued to each other in a vertical direction in the direction of the wood grain of the adjacent layers. Usually, the front and inner plates disposed on either side of the center layer or the core. The slabs which are and staggered in the direction of wood grain coated. with the veneered veneers and pressed under heating or no heating.

melamine faced plywood sheet

Advantages Of Plywood:


1. The plywood structural layer bonded together at right angles to the strength of the plywood. This layered plant resists warping, cracking and twisting, making it ideal for use in architecture.


2. Besides to its strength, plywood is like a complete wood species. which makes it very suitable for boards made from decorative sheet materials much cheaper.


Disadvantages Of Plywood:


The cost is higher, not as smooth as the MDF. If there is insufficient drying or the production process may cause problems. the external force is difficult to adjust when the sheet deformed. When the sheet used as the base layer, and the surface of the veneer board, aluminum-plastic board. and other decorative sheets ae bonded, the medium-density board is not as strong as the base layer.


How Do Plywood Distinguish Between Genuine And Fake?


(1)By Weight


The density of the willow core and the poplar core are very different. The same volume of the willow core is much heavier than the poplar core. rub it with your hand and you can compare it.


(2)By resilience


The toughness of the willow core is very strong. When twisting the plywood core plywood, it is not easy to crack and is not prone to distortion.


(3)By color


The natural color of these two materials is very different, and the business is only painted on the surface of the wood. so the interior of the wood is still the original color. The surface can distinguished by peeling off the surface, the poplar is white, and the willow core is brownish red.

melamine faced plywood use in kitchen

How To Choose High Quality Melamine Faced Plywood?


Touch by hand.

The front side of the plywood should be smooth and tidy without bumps. Do not buy if you feel cracks in the splicing.


Look with your eyes.

Good plywood is not damaged, frugal, or bruised. When selecting plywood, pay attention to the consistency of color and the feeling of wood grain.


Use the nose to smell.

If you can smell the puncture of the plywood, it means that the plywood you are looking at contains more harmful components. This type of plywood is not only poor in quality but also harmful to human health.


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