What are the advantages of laminated panel board?

- Apr 23, 2019-

The Advantages Of Laminated Panel Board:

laminated spruce The panel home has three advantages, the first is

 the effective use of trees, the second is the fast melamine wood

 production cycle, and the third is environmental protection. The production process of the board melamine is: 

1. Cutting fresh logs;

 2. Peeling off the bark to remove the core; 

3. Drilling and pulverizing into fibers; 

4, 200-degree high-temperature disinfection, sterilization, and drying to 25% moisture; 

5. Joining Environmentally friendly resin gel catalyst (including formaldehyde);

 6, paving; 

7,400 tons of high pressure 200 degrees high temperature pressure;

 8, plate windmill cooling;

9, double-sided killing; 

10, sheet anti-deformation health. 

The production process of the layout furniture is:

 1. computer cutting; 

2, mechanical edge sealing;

 3, high speed drilling;

 4, mechanical forming;

 5, quality inspection; 

6, mechanical sanding;

 7, repairing putty;

8. Solid bottom; 

9, manual sanding;

 10, quality inspection; 

11, spray primer; 

12, repeated grinding; 

13, spray topcoat; 

14, dust dry; 

15, quality inspection;

 16, three-layer packaging; The whole process is scientific and

 rigorous and in line with international standards.

What are the advantages of laminated panel board?


The production process of laminated panel board is much more complicated than solid wood, and the equipment is also expensive. Generally, small enterprises cannot meet the production requirements

 (of course, some small manufacturers use simple methods of

 processing solid wood furniture and rough equipment to produce layout furniture, and use E3 sheet or more. Inferior sheet and soft paint produce laminated panel board, this kind of furniture is cheap and not good. The surface color of this furniture paint is uneven, there is a large area of yellowing and foaming and whitening. The furniture tastes great and the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. , harmful to the human body). Under normal circumstances,

 the quality of high-quality laminated panel board is higher than that of solid wood furniture. In particular, some powerful

 manufacturers in Guangdong have chosen a medium-density board called

 a wood nano-board, which adopts international leading when forming sheet metal. The high-temperature pressure-pressing technology

 utilizes the nano-physical properties of wood fiber under high

 temperature and high pressure to form an instant, avoiding the use

 of resin glue catalyst (including formaldehyde), making the

 environmental protection grade and physical properties of the board

 more comprehensive than solid wood furniture (including hardwood and

 Cork) has opened up a broad road for the famous international market

 for laminated panel board.

aminated melamine wood

 The surface decoration of laminated panel board has high quality veneer (wood veneer is very expensive), PU or PE paper (generally there will be wood grain, the visual effect is close to solid wood, the price is the cheapest), Australia special hard sanding paint (trimeric hydrogen ammonia paint) The best one, high environmental protection, expensive), PU or PE hard piano texture varnish (high environmental protection, expensive, visually pure), ordinary PU or PE hard paint (low formaldehyde content, It is also environmentally friendly, the price is moderate, the visual effect is somewhat white or turbid, and the various properties are better than the NC nitro soft paint used in softwood furniture). Affected by traditional concepts, it is difficult for the average consumer to understand why high-quality layout furniture is more environmentally friendly than solid wood furniture. It is also unclear what kind of layout furniture is environmentally friendly, and what kind of layout furniture is not environmentally friendly. In this case, it is best to choose a brand image with a good brand image and a full range of certificates. Of course, the environmentally-friendly laminated panel board will have a little taste when it is first used. This will not affect your health. Eliminated within 3 months. If someone boast that their MDF furniture is made of high-density boards, you should not believe that because the physical properties of high-density boards are not suitable for furniture, they are only suitable for wooden floors.

laminated spruce melamine board

 Particleboard furniture: In fact, the quality of the high-quality particleboard furniture is also very high, and some are even higher than some solid wood furniture, but because of the high price of good particleboard, it is easy to burst in the furniture production process, can not be on the surface of the board Lines, carved patterns, so this material has been used less and less in the use of bedroom furniture, but the use of office furniture is still extensive. Of course, some small companies that are greedy and violent, using the low-quality engineering particleboard to produce bedroom furniture, especially office furniture, really can't help them. The environmental protection grade of particleboard furniture is common with MDF and solid wood. The processing technology is to first make the wood into pellets, then add glue (including formaldehyde) to stir, and then mold at high temperature and high pressure. Particleboard furniture is also wood furniture, all trees can be processed into particleboard, commonly used in eucalyptus, eucalyptus, larch, spruce, oak, rubber wood, etc., because it can use the core and bark of the log so it is on the wood The usage rate is close to 100%. Since it can be made from the corner scrap of MDF furniture and solid wood furniture, it has no production cycle limitation. It will not be environmentally friendly and will not cause pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. On the contrary, it will help the environmental protection. In the production process, particleboard must use strong wood glue (including formaldehyde), and the specific content should be controlled within the range that is harmless to the human body. There are also some enterprises that use recycled materials and scraps to make particleboard. This kind of particleboard must be strictly sterilized by high temperature. Otherwise, it is a serious hazard. Of course, this particleboard is definitely a formaldehyde standard and can only be used as an engineering board. Used to make any furniture. At present, the formaldehyde content of the particleboard suite furniture in the world is almost exceeded (the manufacturer uses low-standard plates in order to reduce costs), and it is not recommended to buy.

 We now know that solid wood furniture, MDF furniture, and particleboard furniture are made of wood. Formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene are the main pollution indicators of furniture, and are strictly monitored by the state. The formaldehyde of MDF furniture is produced by catalyst. The formaldehyde of particleboard furniture is produced by glue. The formaldehyde of solid wood furniture (including hardwood, softwood and plywood) is produced by strong wood glue. All kinds of paints are used in furniture, including benzene and toluene. Under this circumstance, we understand that under normal circumstances, furniture is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. Hardwood furniture, Nordic cork furniture and MDF furniture are the most environmentally friendly.

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