What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cut to size melamine board?

- Apr 22, 2019-



Veneer cut to size melamine board is a new type of building drilled

 artificial board made of cement and birch plywood with water and a

 small amount of chemical additives. It combines the advantages of

 cement and melamine faced chipboard sheet: light weight, high

 strength, water resistance, flame retardant and good resistance to microbial corrosion. It is a new type of lightweight building material with good performance. It can used as a wall instead of bricks, as well as roofing and flooring. because of its good sound absorption performance, it can used , which has a broad sales market. But, many people are still unfamiliar with cut to size melamine board. Let me introduce the knowledge about cut to size melamine board today.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cut to size melamine board?


Cut To Size Melamine Board Introduction

 cut to size melamine board, which uses cement as the gelling agent

 and wood shavings as the main raw materials, made by mixing,

 paving, cold pressing, heating curing, demoulding, dividing board,

 sawing edge, natural curing and humidity control (drying). Plate.

Advantages of melamine shelving cut to size

 1) Excellent sound absorption and sound insulation; particle board

 insulation and sound absorption; internal is a granular structure

 with staggered structure, the functions of each direction are

 the same, and the lateral load-bearing capacity is good; the

 particle board is flat, the grain is realistic, the weight is uniform, and the thickness is small. It is resistant to pollution, aging, and beautiful. It can used for various veneers. In the

 production process, particleboard has a small amount of glue and a

 high environmental protection factor.

 2) Due to the uniform structure of the particleboard and the good

 processing function, it can processe into large-format sheets according to needs. It is a good raw material for making furniture of

 different specifications and styles. The finished particleboard does

 not need to dry again, it can use, and the sound

 absorption and sound insulation functions are also excellent.

 Disadvantages of cut to size melamine board

 1) The internal structure is granular, it is not easy to be milled; it is easy to cause the scene of the tooth when cutting the board, so some technologies have higher requirements for processing equipment; it is not suitable for on-site manufacturing; the quality of the particleboard on the market is uneven, and the defective particle board The environmental protection is very poor. The formaldehyde content is overrun, but with the country's focus on environmental protection, the environmental protection of excellent particleboard has been guaranteed.

 2) Because the edges are rough and simple to absorb moisture, the furniture edge-sealing technology made with particleboard is particularly important. Others because of the large volume of the particle board, the furniture made with it is also relatively heavy compared to other plates.

melamine faced chipboard sheet

 Adverse factors of cut to size melamine board

 1) Innovation is the source of the company's development. The company is the main body of the original activities, and the main body is the use of the different effects. From a nationwide perspective, the number of patents for wood-based panel companies, the number of patent applications, and the use of patents are extremely small, and the research on wood-based panels is mainly concentrated in research institutes and universities, and the effect of high-tech research is out of line with production.

 2) The product structure of the wood-based panel industry is largely determined by market demand, resource conditions and skill levels. The product structure of China's wood-based panel industry is not reasonable, and it is difficult to get used to market demand. In addition, the products of oriented strand board, wood-plastic composite board, waffle board and crop straw board are not mature, and the market share is very low; the production value of special-purpose board, special standard board, post-forming board and environmentally-friendly board is very small. It is not conducive to the overall harmonious and sustainable development of China's wood-based panel industry.

drilled birch plywood

 cut to size melamine board price

 The market price of cut to size melamine board is generally around 20 yuan. It is recommended that you go to the market to understand, so that you can buy high quality and low price products.

 cut to size melamine board manufacturers

 The cut to size melamine board equipment produced by YUESHAN Decorative Board Co., Ltd. is very good, the quality is guaranteed, the material is good, the price is fair, it is a very good choice.

 Article Summary: About What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cut to size melamine board? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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