What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blockboard?

- Apr 26, 2019-


Blockboard, also known as large core board. which is one of the more common materials in home decoration. Its core made of natural wood strips, and a thin veneer attached to the top and bottom. used in :

interior furniture,

doors and windows

and partitions, false wall heating covers, curtain boxes and door covers.

18mm melamine chipboard sheet

What Are The Advantages Of Blockboard?


(1)Good physical properties:

solid wood core material has the characteristics of firmness,

sound absorption, heat insulation and good nail holding power. Besides, the blockboard is a special plywood, which also has a high structural strength and is not deformed.


Convenient construction:

the interior of the blockboard is solid wood slats,

the nail holding power is good,

and the requirements for processing equipment are not high,

so the on-site construction is convenient.


(2)Wide range of uses:

environmental protection,

easy processing,

not easy to deform,

other materials can affixed during processing,

light weight,

easy to construct, etc.

It can used as a substitute for solid wood panels in wall decoration.  top decoration, furniture production, etc.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Blockboard?


(1)Poor environmental protection: The glue used in the production of blockboard is more than the laminated material. There is no integrated material for wood materials in the environmental protection. but it is much less than the amount of glue used for particleboard and MDF. To ensure the environmental performance of the joinery board that you have purchased. it recommended to select the regular board for product selection.


(2)Afraid of humid environment: Blockboard has high structural strength and stability. Because the middle part is a core material spliced by small pieces of wood. the upper and lower layers are special manufacturing processes of the panel.  


(3)Sometimes the slats unqualified. there are gaps in the middle, etc. After the thermal expansion and contraction. the glue, drum surface and deformation are easy to open, and care should taken to avoid using it in the kitchen.


(4)It can not painted: the surface of the blockboard is rough. the furniture needs to  painted and then painted, but not . The surface treatment usually uses a lot of glue or paint. which will be very irritating to the decoration pollution and more material cost, labor cost, etc.

Long-term exposure to this environment will cause great harm to the human body.


(5)The bending resistance is weak: the buckling performance of the blockboard is low. We all know that wood board is a type of spliced sheet, usually made of solid splicing with solid wood strips. Thus, the bending resistance of the wood board we made is inferior.

16mm melamine blockboard sheet

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