What are the advantages and disadvantages of 18mm Melamine Blockboard?

- Apr 26, 2019-

Melamine Blockboard

      melamine Blockboard made up of a core of softwood strips. These strips may be up to about 25mm wide. The strips placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood. The sandwich is then glued under high pressure.

      The block board, which is what we call the big core board, made up of two pieces of veneer laminated in the middle. The middle wooden board made of wood board into a certain size of wood strip, which made up of a jigsaw machine. The two sides of the spliced wooden board covered with two layers of veneers, and then finished by cold and hot press. The large core sheet is stable in size, not deformed, and has high lateral strength.

      Melamine film overlaid blockboards. Melamine paper filmed blockboard is a kind of very common. and familiar boards in life. we also will call it big core board, wood core board,lumber core board,Hip board or core board. the melamine blockboards often used in interior construction and various furniture. such as cabinet decoration.

        Some panels also used on walls, cabinets,bookshelf, wardrobe,closet. the melamine blockboard also normal called the "ecological plate" in the industry. It is also called melamine impregnated film coated paper veneer board. which is use different color or texture of paper soaked in the melamine resin adhesive. to a certain degree of curing and dry. then laminated the paper on the blockboard. via hot pressing and decorative board.In the process of the production line. it is usually composed of several layers of paper, and the quantity depends on the use.

         Made of kiln-dried quality fresh lumber, wood stripes are glue jointed into full size. with no gaps or holes or any foreign material in the core; Edge stripes are finger jointed. Crossband is only tropical hardwood peeled veneer

film faced melamine blockboard description






Okoume; Bintangor;Red Canarium; Mersawa; Pencil Cedar;Birch;


Mountain Fir; Falcata Albasia


E1; Melamine; Phenolic;




core structure Made of kiln-dried quality fresh lumber, wood stripes are glue jointed into full size,with no gaps or holes or any foreign material in the core; Edge stripes are finger jointed; Crossband is only tropical hardwood peeled veneer;




L/C; T/T to be negotiable;


Covered by plastic film and rough plywood and steel strapping from all sides.




Home Furniture; Cabinet; Door, etc.



Size: 1220x2440mm or as client’s request

Thickness: 15~25mm

Face/Back: wood veneer laminated first. then one side or both side melamine paper laminated wood veneer

melamine paper Color: solid color, wood grain, cloth grain or marble grain

Surface Treatment: matt, textured, embossed, glossy or magic

Core: falcata, paulownia, eucalyptus, fir, poplar, pine, hardwood, etc.

formaldehyde emission standards : E2, E1, E0 or WBP

melamine faced core blockboard  Advantages and Disadvantages

veneered blockboard Advantages 

-veneered blockboard has good dimensional stability even. when exposed to humidity and so is resistant to wrapping and cracking.

-veneered blockboard is strong enough so not easy split on cutting.

-It has minor gaps between the blocks which cannot seen from outside.

-It is light in weight than plywood because its core made from softwood. whose density and weight is less than that of hardwood.

-It is easy to work with and can cut using regular wood work tools.

-The most commonly manufactured and sold blockboard size is 1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,1500x3000m. the thickness is 12mm-40mm. the core species including falcata, poplar, fir, radiate pine, larch,spruce, meranti,paulownia. gule have E0 E1 E1&WBP E0&WBP face&back treatment can be melamine film.  peeling veneer, sliced veneer, PE film, UV coating, prefinished paper and so on;

-Compared with the particle board. the block board sheet has good clamping force and high strength. and has the characteristics

of firmness, sound absorption and heat insulation. Besides, the moisture content of the block board is not high, between 10% and 13%. It is easy to process and used in modern furniture, doors. and windows. and sets, partitions, false walls, heating covers, curtain boxes and other fields.

-Since the interior of the block board is solid wood strip. the requirements for processing equipment are not high. which is convenient for on-site construction.

-The block board specifications are uniform, easy to process. not easy to deform, affixed with other materials. during the processing, light weight, easy to construct. making the home decoration in the wall. the top decoration and woodworking essential wood products .

melamien faced blockboard  Disadvantages

-Due to the large use of urethane glue in the production process of blockboard. the formaldehyde emission is generally high. and the environmental protection standards are generally low. which is why most blockboards are pungent.

-Most of the blockboards on the market cut corners during production. When the solid wood strips spliced, the gap is large. There are holes in the interior of the board. If nails punched in the gap, there is no nail holding force.

-The solid wood strip inside the blockboard spliced. so the vertical bending resistance is poor. and the long-term force will cause obvious lateral deformation of the board.

-The inside of the melamine  faced blockboard is not the same as the solid wood strip, the density is not the same. only after a simple drying process, easy to warp deformation. the structure distorted, deformed, affecting the appearance and use effect.

-Because the surface of the blockboard is rough. so when the woodworking site processing. the use of a large amount of glue or paint is usually used in the treatment of the surface. so the furniture made from this sheet is not friendly. which is why the taste is very exciting during the decoration. The main reason for this kind of on-site furniture is the culprit of carcinogenicity. and genetic mutations, which is very harmful to the human body.

Melamine Blockboard

Blockboard  decorative materials application

      Blockboard is a wood based panel, made up of a core of softwood strips glued together. The strips placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of softwood, hardwood. or thin MDF or particleboard, glued under high pressure.

      Which used for book shelves,tables and benches,doors. and solid core flush doors. single and double beds ,settees for sitting,and other furniture decoration,cabinet. computer room laboratory. Our blockboard are. including Normal raw blockboard, Melamine film overlaid blockboard ,hpl overlaid blockboard. prefinished paper overlaid blockboard, engineered blockboard. fancy veneer blockboard, peeling veneer painted blockboard,engineer film block board.

       wood based Block board used to make doors, tables, shelves, paneling and partition walls. It used for interior usages, due to the type of glues used.

       Usually used in indoor buildings and various furniture, cabinet decoration. Some panels, walls, cabinets, panels, etc.Nowadays. all kinds of building materials on the market. make it difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the sheets. Block boards used in many places in home improvement. and the choice of block board has a great impact on the entire home.

18mm Melamine Blockboard use in kitchen

Blockboard engineered veneer purchase tips:

(1) When purchasing a blockboard, first look at the ink mark on the blockboard. Before the blockboard shipped from the factory, a non-fading ink mark. should placed on the lower right corner of each board to state the product category. grade, manufacturer code, and inspector code; the category mark should state the indoor. and outdoor words. If this information is not or is not clear, you should buy it carefully.

(2) Besides, when selecting a blockboard. it is necessary to select a sheet with a smooth surface, no frugality and less peeling. Observe whether the cotton cloth has curling and bending. and whether there are drums or depressions. Observe the presence or absence of glue and greasy putty around the board. Check if the core strips are even and tidy, and the smaller the gap, the better. The width of the core should not exceed 2.5 times the thickness, otherwise it will deformed.

(3) Lift the side of the blockboard with both hands, shake it up. and down, and listen to whether there is sound of tensile fracture of the wood. Otherwise, the internal gap is large and there are more voids. The quality blockboard should have a whole, heavy feel.

(4) After sawing the waist from the side, observe whether the wood quality of the core is even and tidy. whether there is decay, breakage, wormhole. whether the gap between the solid wood strips is large. Place the nose close to the section of the blockboard and smell it for a strong pungent odor. If the blockboard emits a fragrant smell of wood, it means less formaldehyde released. If the smell is pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is more. Thus, documents such as blockboard inspection report. and quality inspection certificate can obtained from the merchant.

(5) The cupboard content of the blockboard should be. less than or equal to 1.5 kg per liter before it can used indoors. and less than or equal to 5 kg per liter must treated after finishing to allow for indoor use. Thus, when buying, be sure to ask. if it meets the national interior decoration materials standards. and state on the invoice.

(6) Blockboard is generally divided into two categories. according to the limit of harmful substances (E1 and E2). (the harmful substances are formaldehyde). household decoration can only use E1 level blockboard, E2 level blockboard. Even qualified products may have more than three times. more formaldehyde than E1 grades.

(7) It is worth noting that although the blockboard is more stable than the solid wood board. it is afraid of moisture. and should avoided in the kitchen and bathroom during construction.

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