What are characteristics of melamine chipboard cut to size used to make furniture

- Apr 18, 2019-


 What kind does the white melamine chipboard cut to size that makes furniture have, what characteristic does each have again? Small make up here to give you a summary, in to give you the types of melamine panels.



1.Melamine Chipboard Cut To Size (Commonly Known As Large Core Board)


 melamine chipboard cut to size) is a melamine board with solid wood core. its vertical (core board to distinguish) bending and compression strength is poor. but transverse bending and compression strength is higher. The majority on the market is solid now, glue goes all out, double sided arenaceous smooth. the joinery board of 5,melamine chipboard cut to size is one of plank with the commonnest use in decorating at present.


 Individual view: it is ok to also be sure for its environmental protection coefficient for woodworking board. with better quality actually, but cost is higher also. add the many working procedure such as lacquer on later period. can or more or less become the product of an environmental protection not so environmental protection. , in the furniture room that does with carpentry board, must much ventilated breathe. had better be empty a few months to move again.

melamine chipboard sheet



2. The Particle Board


 Particleboard is a kind of wood-based board. which made by

 cutting various branches

and buds,

small diameter wood,

fast-growing wood, wood chips and other materials into fragments of certain specifications. After drying. it mixed with glue materials, hardener, water-proofing agent, etc.,

under certain temperature and pressure. Because its section is like honeycomb shape, it called particleboard.


 Inside the particle board to join a "moisture factor" or "moistureproof agent" . and other raw materials, is what people say at ordinary times moistureproof particleboard.  referred to as "moistureproof board, there was a moistureproof effect because of particle board itself has certain moisture resistance. small expansion coefficient after absorbing water. and used in cabinets, bathroom cabinet, such as environment. but in reality, has become many bad particieboard cover internal impurities more tools. Add green coloring agent again in particleboard interior. formed at present the green base particleboard that market says to say. a lot of manufacturers come with it misdirect is green environmental protection board. do not have scientific basis actually. The particleboard of domestic and international top class brand is instinctive quality base material more actually.



3. The Fiber Board


 Everyone in some businesses say oneself is high density board to make cabinet put oneself in another's position. might as well according to the density of the above standard to weigh the sheet of weight per unit area. see what degree is high density board, or in the MDF board as high density board. it may affect the part of the benefit of the business.  but from the point of view of integrity in business marketing is high density board will not afraid of their customer to verify.


oak melamine face chipboard


4. Solid Wood Fingerboard


 Finger joint board, also known as integrated board, integrated wood, finger joint wood. that is, after the deep processing of the solid wood pieces like "fingers" like the splicing board. because the use of saw-tooth interface between the melamine chipboard cut to size, like the hands. and fingers cross docking, it called finger joint board. Because log crossed between the union, such union structure itself has certain binding force. because need not stick again fluctuation surface board. the glue that considers its to use is microscopical.


 Before we have to take camphor wood finger joint board as the cabinet backboard, even as a selling point to carry on the sale. but in the later period of use has appeared part of the cracking, deformation. so later cancelled the use of camphor wood as the cabinet backboard. Want to remind the client that will undertake ark kind furniture makes with pointing to receive a board here, must choose plank. wait for the thing that can produce on the craze of later period, be out of shape to give make side had negotiated. no matter regard business as still individual.  it is to say first hind not random, communicated good later period trouble is little also.



5. Particle Board


 Alleged real wood grain board, it is the board that produces with the craft of particleboard actually. it is a kind of particleboard to belong to homogenous particleboard.


 Osb for homogeneous particle board.  is a kind of material with path, thinning wood, wood core, slab, brushwood. and so on as raw materials through the special equipment for

processing growth 40 mm, 70 mm, 5 mm wide, 20 mm,

thickness 0.3 mm, 0.7 mm flaking,

after drying, glue and special equipment will form core layer flaking crisscrossed directional shop installed,

after hot pressing forming a kind of man-made board. Large subhomogeneous particle board will be planer through the advanced single channel drying machine after drying,

 expansion coefficient is small, moisture-proof performance is very good.  the implementation of the planer is directional

layer upon layer pavement, so its internal texture is uniform.  than ordinary particle board and powdery density board nail holding force,

bending resistance, stability should be stronger.



6. Multiple Layers Of Solid Wood


 Multilayer solid board is with crisscross the multilayer plywood that arrange is base material. the surface is fabrics with leather of high grade solid wood stick or science. and technology wood, via cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, keep in good health wait for a few working procedure to make and become. Because multilayer real melamine chipboard cut to size has the characteristic that is not easy to be out of shape. and the fine performance that good adjust indoor temperature and humidity, face layer real wood sticks leather material to have natural. and real woodiness grain and feel again, so choice is stronger. Thus, it favored by consumers.


 Multilayer solid wood has good structural stability and is not easy to deform. Due to crosswise bonding, high temperature and high pressure. the deformation defects of solid wood solved from the aspect of internal stress. In the production process, the use of self-made high-quality environmental friendly adhesive. so that the product formaldehyde emission limit to meet the national standard requirements. green environmental protection.


 Article Summary:

About What are characteristics of melamine chipboard cut to size used to make furniture introduced here to help everyone.

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