The nine biggest advantages of melamine plywood.

- Apr 11, 2019-

What Is Plywood


Plywood known as sheet and thin core board. It is one of the earliest artificial boards used in the decoration industry. Laminated melamine faced plywood is a slab. that is and staggered in the direction of wood grain after glued. They pressed to each other without heating. The classification of plywood based on the thickness of the plywood. It is generally divided into 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT and 18 PCT. Six specifications.

melamine faced softwood use in kitchen


Plywood Advantages


1. During the production process, no kerf will produced, and the use rate of wood is high, which can save wood.


2. The plywood is light, the texture is clear. the bending resistance is excellent, the deformation is not easy. the transportation and construction are convenient, and the decoration effect is good. but the bearing capacity is worse than the thin core board.


3. After the boiled process, the plywood has strong weather resistance. which is not afraid of high temperature, has a long service life, and used in homes, ships and trains.


       4,   In the waterproof aspect of the multi-layer board is also particularly prominent. because the core material is the use of large-diameter wood. rather than the debris like the particle board. so the waterproof can meet the national second-class standard. that is, boiled eight hours without open the glue.


      5.   Healthy and friendly plywood avoids the use of liquid glue in the forming process of the sheet. Formaldehyde exists in the liquid glue. Thus, the multi-layer board is more  friendly and healthier than the plywood.


      6.   The plywood has good structural strength and good stability. It has the advantages of:

light material,

high strength,

good elasticity

and toughness,

impact resistance

and vibration,

easy processing

and finishing,

insulation, etc.

The plywood has a large amount of glue. and it must be edge-sealed during construction to reduce pollution.


      7,   Plywood made of multi-layered, so it is much cheaper than the price of solid wood.


      8.  The advantages of multi-layer plywood are:

 small deformation, large format, convenient construction, no warping, and good tensile mechanical properties.


      9.   High strength and good flatness. The production process and raw material selection of solid wood multi-layer board determined by its unique quality. It made by several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing and sanding to ensure high strength and good grip. The characteristics of high flatness.

faced veneer plywood



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