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- Apr 26, 2019-

What Is The Synchronized Embossed Melamine Board?

Because of the characteristics of Synchronized Embossed Melamine

 board ‘s beautiful surface, convenient construction, eco-friendly,

 scratch-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics of the

 embossing melamine board, it is more and more favored and recognized

 by consumers. And its use is also becoming more and more extensive in people's wisdom, let's take a look!

Synchronized Embossed Melamine board  use in kitchen

What Are The Characteristics Of The Synchronized Embossed Melamine Board?

In fact, the raw materials we use in the manufacture of sheet metal products are solid wood. Omit manufacturing it, glue used. Generally, we use products with low formaldehyde content. The quality of this

 material is passable, and it can reach E1 above the environmental protection level. It is safer to use in life. Secondly, this material does not need to painted at all. This has the advantage of reducing

 the emission of toxic and harmful substances caused by paint and

 making it more friendly. Because the material used to make the board is solid wood, the water content in this product is different. This

 kind of we need to pay attention to whether it can not placed in

 the air conditioning port, which will lead to cracks in the board, causing great losses.

What Is The Purpose Of Synchronized Embossed Melamine Board?

Synchronized Embossed Melamine board has characteristics and

 environmental characteristics, and has been leading the sheet industry from now on. At first, some people liked to use computer desk office furniture. With the popularity of panel furniture in the

family, it became the preferred manufacturing material for various furniture factories. And his surface colors and patterns are more and more colorful. The board has used in home decoration, panel

 furniture, cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and the like.

What Is The Manufacturing Process For Synchronized Embossed Melamine Board?

1. adopting precise synchronized embossing technology

 for high-temperature hot pressing on the surface of the flower

 product, enhancing the texture of the three-dimensional texture, bumpy and natural, true. At the same time, the special texture of the

 intaglio texture is 15 degrees, the color is full, and the natural

 wood grain has a moist texture, creating a decorative atmosphere close to nature.

2. Synchronized Embossed Melamine board structure can

 divided into four layers: surface paper, decoration paper, cover

 paper and bottom paper. The surface paper placed on the top laye

r of the decoration board and functions as a maintenance paper. The decoration paper is the main component of the decoration board. It has a ground color or a bottomless color. The decoration paper printed in various drawings placed under the surface paper. The

 cover paper placed under the decoration paper to prevent the

 underlying phenolic resin from penetrating the surface, to

 conceal the color spots on the surface of the substrate; the bottom

 paper placed on the underlying material of the layer, and its

 function is to take mechanical properties.

        3. Synchronized Embossed Melamine board is a very important step. In these steps, we should pay attention to many

 problems: we should pay attention to the corresponding steps, and

 pay attention to many problems in these steps.

       What are the prodution process of Synchronized Embossed Melamine board?

(1) Before brushing the glue, clean the surface of the flower ecological board synchronously, and carry out the first brushing process. When brushing the glue, it should be even. After the brushing, ensure that the oil glue is dry. After completely drying, it needs to be sanded. Panel to flat surface.

       (2) Perform another secondary brushing. This time, it should be evenly distributed. After drying again, check and trap. It is necessary to smooth and clean the small hole of the Synchronized Embossed Melamine board, generally three or more times of oil glue construction.

       (3) After the completion of the construction, it is necessary to continue to brush the primer twice, and carry out the ash filling construction for the pinholes left during the construction, and also replace the nailing method with the super glue.

What are the price factors that affect Synchronized Embossed Melamine board?

1. Market: The price trend of other melamine boards in the market will affect the price of the eco-board during a certain period of time.

2, Environmental protection level: the price required for different environmental protection levels is also different, E0 level synchronization of the flower ecological board will be more environmentally friendly than the E1 level, so the price will be slightly more expensive.

3, Raw materials: Synchronous use of the raw materials used in the Synchronized Embossed Melamine board, its price will not be small, the price of high-quality raw materials will be more expensive.

What are the maintenance techniques forSynchronized Embossed Melamine board?

(1). Many users use the synchronous furniture panel when decorating, but after using it for a period of time, it will be found that the appearance of the flower furniture board is not shiny, and some of the dough will be whitish. Due to the uneven heating due to Synchronized Embossed Melamine board during processing.

        (2). There is also a situation that is very common, that is, the surface of the flower furniture board is not wear-resistant, and it is very easy to leave traces on the exterior. This is due to Synchronized Embossed Melamine board during the production process, the temperature control is not Reasonable, does not constitute a solidification, affecting the wear resistance of the synchronized furniture board.

        (3). Synchronous on the appearance of the Synchronized Melamine board furniture board is not flat, there is a phenomenon of bulging, this situation is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer does not handle the wood moisture when it is processed, the sheet contains a lot of water, and is made into a Synchronized Melamine board furniture. This phenomenon occurs when the melamine board is evaporated by moisture in the melamine board.

        (4) Synchronized Melamine board composite veneer is a kind of melamine board with relatively large sales volume now. Synchronized Melamine board composite veneer can meet the practicality of decoration, and it is more favorable than some high-grade melamine boards, so it is favored by many decoration users. . This excellent sheet has the advantage that other sheets do not have. However, if it is used improperly during use, it will make it bad, so we need to strengthen the maintenance of this veneer. Therefore, in a place where the humidity is not high, many melamine boards are afraid of water, and this composite veneer is no exception. Also be careful not to let some oil spill on it, although we can use some alcohol to remove the oil. However, these oils will cause some pollution to the synchronous composite veneer, which cannot be removed. Any veneer is also afraid of physical damage during use. We do not scratch the surface of these veneers with some sharp metal products. Once scratched, it is difficult to repair. We can spray a protective layer on the surface of the synchronous composite veneer so that it can be well maintained.

Synchronized Embossed Melamine board

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