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- Aug 05, 2019-

 what is furniture board in cabinets


       melamine cabinets kitchen furniture board definition. refer to furniture made of medium density fiberboard. or particle board melamine surface veneer. A large part of the furniture board material cabinets. are wooden grain simulation kitchen cabinets. The veneer of some board cabinets sold on the market is more and more realistic, gloss, feel and so on. The mdf board cabinets with fine technology. and good plate and hardware accessories melamine board colors. have the basic characteristics of detachable. varied shape, fashionable appearance. not easy to deform, stable quality, affordable price and so on. The combination of plate furniture is usually connected. with all kinds of metal hardware, assembly and are very convenient. the furniture board for cabinets with high processing accuracy can disassembled. and installed many times to help transportation. because the base material breaks the original physical structure of wood


       when the temperature and humidity change. the deformation of wood-based panel is much better than that of solid wood. and the quality is more stable than. that of solid wood laminated furniture board cabinets. The veneer cabinet construction materials of board furniture are thin wood. wood grain paper. PVC adhesive board, polyester paint surface. The latter three kinds of furniture backing board are usually used in middle. and low grade furniture. while natural wood leather veneer used in high grade products. wood veneer kitchen cabinets made of medium density fiberboard. or particle board surface veneer. A large part of this furniture is wooden grain simulation melamine cabinets diy. The veneer of some board cabinets sold on the market is becoming more. and more realistic, gloss, feel and so on, and the price of fine-craft products is also very expensive.


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melamine vs plywood for kitchen cabinets

      If you are in the market for new cabinetry then one subject that may come up. during a meeting with your cabinet provider is your preference. about particleboard versus plywood construction. In general. most cabinets boxes or carcasses on the market today. made of either particleboard or plywood. so which should you choose?

      Melamine can used as the finish material to the particleboard. or furniture board used to make cabinet boxes, drawer boxes, and shelving. Melamine is a less expensive option that can take on the look of wood or be a solid color, such as white. When adhered to its substrate (inner layer material such as particleboard). it is smooth.

      plywood cabinet is a panel material, also made in 4' by 8' sheets.  plywood construction made of thin strips or veneers of wood. that are cross-laminated (rotated every layer and glued). to form a strong panel for constructing cabinet boxes, drawer boxes. and shelves, like the above particleboard.Usually made from lighter woods. it finished with a clear coat that is attractive for cabinet interiors.  

      use plywood  is the more expensive cabinet box construction,  other is  less expensive. but check the thickness before you decide to go plywood. Some manufacturers use 1/2" thickness to keep the cost low and tote that it is a premium feature. Good cabinets should use 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" plywood construction.

     There is something to said for the look and feel of real wood.  If you enjoying looking at real wood grain, knots. and mineral streaks on the interiors of your cabinets. go for the plywood.  If you can't tell the difference between melamine and particleboard. you might save the cost and go particleboard/ melamine.


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furniture board vs particle board

what is furniture board 

      Furniture board is a type of  engineered wood that has manufactured from wood chips and resin. Since it does not have any type of grain, furniture board is usually covered with a veneer. lacquer or laminate to improve its aesthetic appeal. Furniture board is less expensive than plywood, but it is not as sturdy. It usually has a rough texture, and it is prone to splitting and sagging. It also reacts to the environment, which may cause it to swell and discolor over time. 

      Many carpenters will compromise by combining furniture board and plywood. They may use furniture board in less conspicuous portions of the cabinet or in areas. that will not required to support heavy weight. They will then use plywood for the visible or functional parts of the cabinets. By combining materials, carpenters can manage costs. while maintaining the  wood veneer  appearance of the project.

       Furniture board is a fancy way of saying particleboard. It is a pressboard made of wood particles in a 4' by 8' sheet. It used as the substrate that gets covered with a melamine layer. for the  box construction of cabinet boxes, drawer boxes and shelves.

particle board 

       particle board is a waste wood product. made by heat pressing wood chips, sawmill shavings. or even sawdust and resin together. To make the end product water resistant, fireproof. insect-proof chemicals used including wax, dyes, wetting agents. and release agents. After the resin, chemicals. and wood scraps have ben mixed together, the liquid mixture made into a sheet. The weight of the wood chips distributed to make sure the finished board is not top heavy. 

      Compression applied to the particle board sheet many times . to create the tightest possible bond. between the resin and the wood bits. A popular of  many types particle board that you may see oriented strand board (OSB). This wood composite is very important to home. and commercial engineers for structural purposes. Oriented strand board is identifiable by its manufacturing process. that layers strands of wood in specific orientations. Most  home improvement and commercial builders use  cutting board  OSB particle board. for floor and wall bases.

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