Teak melamine board products category advantages and disadvantages

- Apr 22, 2019-

Teak Melamine Board Products Category Advantages And Disadvantages 

 The teak melamine board determines the quality of the wooden door. What teak melamine board are currently on the market: particleboard, fiberboard, honeycomb paper, thin teak melamine board, pure solid wood panel.

Teak melamine board products category advantages and disadvantages Daquan



 It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, and is made of glue to make artificial core material. Different density, the pressure resistance of forming sheets is not the same, but many merchants produce some low-density boards in order to save money, so the wooden door sound insulation effect is poor, and it is susceptible to cracking or deformation problems in the later stage. Door industry vision, your friend!

 Pure Solid Wood Panel

 The pure solid wood panel is made of wood as the core material of the whole panel, and is completely added. The wooden door filled with pure solid wood has higher cost, the wood texture is uniform, and the bearing capacity is strong, but the cost of the wooden door of this material is high, and the wooden door is made. The process requirements are also high, so it is rare in the wooden door, but it can be identified by sound and so on during the purchase. The sound of the pure solid wood wooden door is dull, and it will be accompanied by a certain sense of weight and weight. Shen, so you can use this as a reference standard.

Thin core board

 Thin core board

 The thin core plates are mainly made of composite veneers, which are mainly adhered by glue, and then processed by hot pressing process. The thin core plates are relatively common, the thickness of the plates is not equal, and the cost is relatively cheap, but in use. It is prone to gel cracking, and the adhesion of glue is prone to excessive formaldehyde content, so it is not very environmentally friendly.


Honeycomb Paper

 Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a method of bonding corrugated paper into a myriad of hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons to form a whole force-bearing piece, paper core, and bonding paper on both sides. The environmental protection and energy-saving material of a new type of sandwich structure has the advantages of light weight, less material and low cost. Door industry vision, your friend! But its shortcomings are also very deadly, its anti-destructive performance is poor, it is very easy to destroy, moisture resistance is also very poor, easy to deform due to moisture. Therefore, the life of wooden doors using honeycomb paper as the Teak melamine board is generally short.

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