Teach you to choose melamine panel sizes cabinet materials!

- Apr 23, 2019-

 When it comes to buying furniture, the biggest headache for everyone is the buy of cabinets. Indeed, compared with other furniture, cabinets have more "personality". Usually, consumers go to the mall to pick melamine panel sizes cabinets materials. they can only choose the general melamine panel sizes cabinet appearance. As for the effect after buying home, it is necessary to wait until everything assembled. Will know. Also, the selection of melamine panel sizes cabinets is not only the style, but also the materials of the melamine panel sizes cabinets. There are so many kinds of cabinet materials on the market, how to choose? Don't worry, today Author will tell you.

Teach you to choose melamine panel sizes cabinet materials!

How To Choose A Cabinet Board?


 The cabinet plate is also the main body of the cabinet. When selecting the cabinet plate, the solid material should selected. The cabinet frame thus made has high strength and long service life. The mainstream cabinet material currently on the market is particleboard. Particleboard has obvious advantages over other materials. First, the mechanical strength of the particleboard is high, and the frame produced is more robust.  the nail holding force of the cabinet plate is good, so that the nail can fixed to the nail hole and is not easy to fall off. Finally. the particleboard has good moisture resistance and is not susceptible to moisture deformation.


 But, once you buy a poor quality particleboard, its performance will reduced. Not only the low density, the strength is poor, the inferior sheet will release harmful substances such as formaldehyde. which has a bad influence on human health, so the selection of particleboard is very important. The selection of particleboard is the main news. The quality of the particleboard should be odor-free. If the smell of pungent smell heard in the particleboard, there may hidden dangers of excessive formaldehyde. , the sawdust particles on the side of the good plate should be of the same size and arranged. If the particle size of the wood chips is uneven and the arrangement is loose, it may e deformed or broken after long-term use.

melamine mdf board

How To Choose The Door Panel?


 There are many types of door panels in the cabinets, and the range of choice is wider. At present, common door panel materials include melamine double veneer panels. fireproof panels, painted door panels, and plastic door panels. Different materials, their characteristics will be different, let's introduce them one by one.


Melamine board: Also known as double veneer or paint-free board, usually using particle board or MDF as the substrate. and melamine finish applied to the surface of the substrate. The advantage of the melamine board is that the surface is flat, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and cheap. The disadvantage is that the side of the sheet is easy to collapse. Once there is a problem with the edge sealing, harmful substances such as:

 formaldehyde in the substrate can escape from the gap, which will have certain influence on the indoor environment.


Fireproof board: The biggest characteristic of fireproof board is fireproofing. It also has good heat resistance and is very suitable for use in a kitchen with a high temperature environment. The fireproof board is not only fire-retardant and flame-retardant. but also has bright colors and various forms of edge sealing, which have certain decorative effects. But, the fireproof board is a flat plate, and it is not possible to make a three-dimensional effect such as unevenness, so that the fashion sense is poor.


Paint door: Paint is a new method of making paint. It based on the paint on the board and then baked in a high temperature oven. The surface of the paint door panel is very clean, easy to clean, and has good moisture and fire resistance. The paint panel colored, and it can also shaped and curved, with a strong sense of fashion. But, the quality of inferior paint door panels will vary . First of all, because the quality of the paint used in the inferior paint slab is poor. the adhesion of the paint film is poor, the lacquer finish is lack of luster, and the flatness of the paint surface is also affected. , the base material of the baking varnish made of medium density board. and the inferior lacquer board substrate will release a large amount of harmful substances. which will affect people's health. Thus, when purchasing a baking varnish, you should select qualified products, and you should not be cheap.


Plastic door panel: plastic door panel, also known as mold door panel, made of medium density board as the base material. It shaped by engraving, polished and then sprayed with special glue. After the second grinding, the surface covered PVC film blistered by vacuum blister. to make. The plastic door panel is not only wear-resistant and waterproof, but also has the richest shape. It is the biggest feature of the plastic door panel. The plastic door panel can engrave the hollow pattern and has a good three-dimensional effect. But, the plastic door panel has poor heat resistance and should not be too close to the heat source.


 Consumers can choose the right door panel material according to their own needs. Whether it is to choose the door panel or the cabinet board material. they should go to the regular shopping mall to buy qualified products produced by regular manufacturers. Only when the quality-tested boards used. the combined cabinets will have a longer service life and provide a better experience for consumers.


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